An update

We sold our place.  We went for the weekend to our new state, and bought a place there.  (I do not recommend trying to see 13 places in 1 day (3 the night before!)…but it worked for us.  LOL)    We are in escrow on both.  If all goes to plan, we should be moved out of our place about a week before we can move into the new one, so we’ll be staying with my mom for those few days.  To say things are CRAZY right now is a huge understatement.  But I see the light at the end of the tunnel (and just pray it’s not an oncoming train.  LOL)

I’m really out of the blogging habit, I still truly intend to rectify that by mid May, but I wanted to give you an update.  🙂

Remember me?

Long time, no see!

Well, the house finally goes on the market later this week.  It’s getting real!  Sorry it’s kept me away; I doubt I’ll be posting regularly again until we are sold, buy, and moved in.  Just too much going on (as well as some family drama tossed in for good measure.)  (Also had a slab leak, fortunately in the garage, a few weeks ago.)  Yeesh.

Hope all is well with all of you!

Happy new year!

Hello, to anyone still checking.  I hope you had a great Christmas and new year celebration!  We did!

We are running a little behind our schedule on readying the house for sale.  It’ll probably be still another 2 weeks or so before we are ready to call a realtor in and get the ball going.  AND, we are aware that the market is slowing down….well, the ECONOMY is starting to tank.  We have already agreed that we are only willing to go so low on a sale price, at which if we can’t get that, we will just not sell and stay put until/if the economy picks up.  It just wouldn’t make financial sense to sell if we are looking at a sale price as low as $50-75K less than we think we could get.

AND, most importantly, I have made peace with that.  I’ve made peace that we might not move during ‘cooler’ months…it might be a summer move (ugh, but that’s what professionals are for) might be a fall move.  There might be no move at all.  And despite being a very OCD Virgo, I’m okay with that.  I have turned over my control freak tendencies to fate.  What’s meant to be, WILL be, WHEN it’s meant to be.

So, that’s where I am.  One of my few new year resolutions was to put more emphasis on time dedicated to blogging.  The 4-5 times a week just became too much, even in early retirement.  Maybe I’ll be there again once the housing situation gets settled, but for now I’ll shoot for once or twice a week posting, and visiting your blogs 3 or 4 times a week, and see if that’s doable.  Fingers crossed, but I do have good intentions.  🙂

Love you guys!

Merry Christmas!

Yes, it’s a little early.  But I’m facing the inevitable; I’m still knee-deep in pre-selling crap, and that’s only get worse before it gets better.  I give up feeling guilty about posting here until after the first of the year, so I’m saying my merry Christmas now.  I am going to try to at least visit your blogs once a week or so, though.  So as not to lose touch completely.

Hope your holiday season is going well!  And if I don’t post before it, Happy New Year, too!  Love you all!

Wonder Woman

well…wonder baby.  🙂


My oldest daughter, Serenity’s maternal grandma, is a HUGE Wonder Woman fan.  But she didn’t buy this outfit!  Serenity’s paternal grandma, upon hearing what a big fan my daughter was, bought this for Serenity!  How sweet!  and how adorable, huh?

The pediatric neurologist wanted them to keep Serenity in the hospital one more night (last night) for further observation, just to be sure.  I haven’t heard anything since, but I’m hoping no-news-is-good-news.  Hopefully she will be going home today.

Tonight, we have my hubby’s office’s Xmas party, which should be fun.  I only have to buy Serenity’s Xmas gifts, and then I’m done.  I’ll get to that tomorrow.  How are your holiday preparations coming along?

One last cute photo of Serenity for now…her initial going-home-from-the-hospital outfit.  I LOVE the hat.  🙂

Serenity going home 4 days old

baby update

First off, thanks everyone for all your kind words and prayers.  🙂

Well, all the major tests came back negative.  But she has severe acid reflux.  They think that’s causing her pain, which makes her hold her breath and causes her little body to shake.  But really, that’s almost best case scenario, in the grand scheme of things.  There is medication for that, and they’ve been told to keep her upright after eating.  Sadly, acid reflux runs strong on her maternal side, and I have it pretty bad too.  But again, this is pretty much best case scenario.

If I learn anything more, I’ll let you know.  Not sure yet when they will be releasing them.

Again, thanks so much.  I’m still swamped with Xmas and selling prep so I’m not posting/commenting like I’d like to, but you guys are so awesome.  Love you!

the baby is in the hospital

Mom went to get her for her 7 am feeding this morning, and her lips (or fingertips, I don’t remember which) were blue, her eyes rolled back, and she was twitching.  They called 911 and they all went via ambulance to the local children’s hospital.  Last I heard, heart was okay, lungs okay, still waiting on all bloodwork and were starting to do an eeg and then a head ultra sound.

Please pray.  😦