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update on a gentle breeze…

Hi everyone!  (whomever is still reading…)

First off, I am feeling MUCH better!

I had gotten myself in a real negative loop.  I had heard about Louise Hay, but I started e-reading one of her books, and even only 1/3 of the way in, it has changed my life!  Re-teaching ourselves new ways of talking to ourselves can be a powerful thing!  After so many months of physical struggle, that became an emotional and mental struggle, I’m now recovering by re-training my self talk.  It’s working miracles.  So that is GOOD.  Very good.  🙂

It is also improving my physical health.  I knew that my digestive issues were/had become as much emotionally induced as physical, and now that I’m making such great strides in THAT, it’s all gotten so much better.  🙂

We just got back from a wonderful weekend in Las Vegas (despite the inconveniences of Las Vegas Blvd. being shut down for almost 8 hours on Saturday!)…and other than avoiding paprika, I ate normal and had no issues whatsoever.  First trip in 13 months where I can say that.  It was a real vacation, even though it was only Friday-Sunday.

Now, re blogging.  I have decided that between working 40 hours a week, and fitting everything else in…after having blogged almost 7 days a week for over 5 years, I just don’t have much to say.  (LOL).  Trying to fit in gardening, exercise, TV, reading, and other hobbies…and well, worrying about new blog topics all the time just is bottom of my priority list for now.  Maybe once I officially retired in 18-24 months or so, I might sing a new tune.  I do hope to check in with all the blogs over on my sidebar, once or twice a week starting again soon.  I will be keeping this blog url though…I have learned to never say never, and if/when I do return to blogging; whether that’s at retirement time, or sooner if a new desire arises, I like the name and want to keep it.

So that’s where I’m at.  I don’t expect to do any new posting anytime soon, but I wanted to catch up with you all and let you know that I am doing so much better.  And thank you for your support.  And to say I hope to keep up with you via your own blogs.  If you don’t have a blog, or want to use another medium to keep in touch, you can always email me at:

You guys are wonderful.  I’m sure you already know that, but I wanted you to hear it again from me.

Thanks for your support!

Set back

Not sure what’s causing it, but I’ve had a bit of a set-back.  And as much as I’m pretty sure 80% or more of it’s stress or a tendency to fret over it when it happens, I’m not bouncing back so quickly right now when I try to talk myself out of the worry.

And I’m just struggling with blogging.  I don’t know, that might even be part of it.  Feeling guilty that I just can’t seem to get back into the blogging groove.

All in all, I just need to find a way to get back to how great I felt for 10 days or so.  And I need to stop even thinking about blogging for now.  I’m sorry.  I don’t know if it’s just a phase I’m going through, or what.  I’ve enjoyed getting to know you, and I’m not saying ‘never’, I’m just saying that I just can’t seem to muster the enthusiasm for blogging right now.  I’m not closing this blog down, but I just need a break (again.)  Sorry to disappoint.  You, each, are great people.  Love you!


I’m good; just super busy.  No set-backs, health-wise.  Just swamped at work and busy at home, too.

I’ll leave you this photo of this pretty lavendar-pink vase I got, and the silk flowers, with a gift card I had, so it was free free free!

Hope all is well.  Sorry I haven’t developed a consistent habit again of blogging.  I’ll catch up sometime this weekend.

Sneak preview of summer

It was in the mid-upper 80’s all weekend! REALLY rare for early March!  So I took advantage of it yesterday; pulled the patio cushions out from under the ping pong table in the garage, set it up, grabbed my Kindle, and enjoyed a few glorious hours yesterday afternoon in the warm shade, reading.  Life is Good.

Batter up!

Well, a new little league season started for us today, and we had games for both of our two youngest grandsons!  The littlest one just started tee ball!  I will let photos do the rest of the talking, except to say it was almost 90 (in early March!), we had a blast, and this will be our Saturdays for the next couple of months, and I can’t think of a better way to spend it!

p.s.  this was my first outing for my new camera.  I have much to learn, esp. how to work better with a chain link fence between me and my subject.  I’ll get there.  🙂

Gosh how I love these two little guys!  🙂

I’m baaaaaaaack

 Our minds are WAY more powerful than we realize!

I was getting so frustrated.  And worried.  And that becomes a vicious cycle.  I began to realize though, that perhaps my worry and anxiety were at least partially a root cause of some of the medical issues I was having.  Because I was having a bunch of stuff that just didn’t 100% tie together for any specific illness.

So I gave myself one week of putting all worrying and fear and hyper-anxiety on the back burner, to see if it made any difference/improvement at all.  I did not allow myself to get into those kinds of frantic, ruminating mind-games about my health or my symptoms.  I practiced positive thinking.  I changed my internet home page from the news to my Twitter account, that I had cleaned up so that all politics was gone.  Nothing but Zen accounts, Positive Thinking Accounts, home decor accounts, photography accounts, etc.

Low and behold, within 24 hours, I saw improvement.  Now, three days in, all but 2 symptoms are completely GONE.

I was driving myself crazy and into serious medical problems!!!

Don’t get me wrong…I’m still on a seriously restricted diet.  To be cautious, I can only re-introduce one food every 3-4 days. But I’m feeling SO much better, it’s practically miraculous!

Part, too, of my problem, based on 14 months of mostly crappy health…was that I was developing a real phobia about getting old, and what was left (or not.)  It was bad.  I had to knock myself upside the head about it, the past 48 hours.  Shite, NO ONE is guaranteed a tomorrow.  Ask Bill Paxton.  Ask anyone who is struck by a car and dies, no matter what their age is.  THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES.

Yes, I’m 65.5.  Shit is gonna happen.  But you know what?  I have limited days left…and I need to work MUCH harder on enjoying them to the fullest.  Because the real shit could hit the fan tomorrow.  Or 2 weeks from now.  Or 5 years from now.  I’m wasting valuable time wallowing in abject fear over it.  So that shit has got to be stopped and I have to re-focus my thoughts whenever those kinds of issues start to try to work back into my consciousness.  Life is just too.damned.short.

So that’s where I am.  Instead of worrying and dwelling on health and politics, I prefer to gab with you guys; here and at your blogs.  I’ll be visiting you all between now and the end of the weekend.  I’ve missed you all!


Hi everyone;

Just an update.  I’m in the middle of a bad ‘flare’ of something.  I’ve developed intolerances to corn and egg and any seeded vegetables, even heavily steamed. Nightshades have been completely eliminated, although paprika is in way more items than we realize. That is obviously making my life pretty complicated right now.  Very complicated.

Yes, I have deleted all my posts here.  IF I come back to blogging, I need an entirely fresh start.  But I’m not sure if I am going to come back to blogging.  It seems no matter what I post, I sometimes post controversial things that attracts people who love to attack.  I don’t know if it’s me, the way the anonymity of the internet works for some people, or what.  I do know that the hassle of that kind of interaction or the fear of when will it happen next…is not worth the stress to me.  Certainly not now.

As I continue to work through this health issue, I’m going to have to decide if blogging for me is a help or a stressor.  I won’t come back to regular blogging until I can put the negative aspects of it aside.  I just don’t have room on my emotional plate for that.  I’m sure you understand.

Maybe I’m not the kind of person best suited for blogging.  Maybe keeping a private blog (just for me alone) works best, maybe no blogging, maybe by invitation alone.  I just haven’t decided now because working a full time job and trying to monitor a very limited elimination diet and daily side effects…is all I can really handle right now.  It’s extremely stressful, and yet stress aggravates all symptoms.  It’s a real guessing game to a great extent.

I just wanted to give anyone still checking on me, an update.  I appreciate those of you still here.  As soon as I get a little better, consistent handle on my health, I hope to start visiting your blogs again.  Much love to you.

p.s. if you are interested in being invited to a private blog, SHOULD I choose that path, please email me at: Provide your first name or Google user name, your blog’s name, and your blog url. I’ll keep as a reference should I go down that path. 🙂