I’m good; just super busy.  No set-backs, health-wise.  Just swamped at work and busy at home, too.

I’ll leave you this photo of this pretty lavendar-pink vase I got, and the silk flowers, with a gift card I had, so it was free free free!

Hope all is well.  Sorry I haven’t developed a consistent habit again of blogging.  I’ll catch up sometime this weekend.

10 thoughts on “Busy!

  1. tammy j

    don't worry about schedules!
    this is a perfect post really. lets us know you're ok.
    that's the important thing!!!
    and it's beautiful to look at. that flower looks totally real!
    keep on keepin' on! XOXO♥


  2. Kay

    Really glad to hear things are OK with you. Sometimes, it's really hard to keep up with the blogging. I know I've been having a bit of a struggle with it lately.


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