Just not sure what to post about!  I’d love to post more about Wonder Woman, but it’s still so early in its run, I don’t want any comments I might make to ‘spoil’ it for anyone, so I won’t, until after the weekend.

There is MUCH I could say about politics at the moment, but I’d probably piss off about, oh 21% of you (LOL LOL)…so I won’t.  😉

Other than that, same ol, same ol.  Busy at work all day long, come home old and exhausted, play with the dogs, read, eat dinner, snuggle with hubby and watch TV until bedtime.  Wash, rinse, repeat, five days a week.

I just ain’t got nuthin, at the moment.  Beyond that.  Weather is our crappy normal June gloom, but the marine layer is so thick in the morning that rain wipers are required going to work.  I HATE gloom.  I could never live in the Pacific Northwest.  I don’t need warm, per se (although I enjoy it), but I DO need sun.  That’s why despite the 5-6 months of well over 100 degrees a day, I can’t wait to retire to AZ.  PLENTY of sun.  It’s just so dreary here in June.  June brides ain’t a ‘thing’ in southern CA because our weather is at its ugliest in June.  We just bear through it.  Oh well, some day in the not-too-distant future, I’ll probably be longing for these cool, damp mornings.  LOL  Grass is always greener, huh?

So that’s it, for me, for now.  I guess it’s better than drama drama llama.  😉

Have a good one!  The weekend is almost here for those of us peons still having to work 40 a week!  🙂

30 thoughts on “Hmmmm….

  1. Sue

    June is my favourite month in France. Usually it is sunny and warm but last year it wasn't good at all. I'm hoping it will be a good one this year.


  2. LL Cool Joe

    At the moment I have nothing in my life but drama and life is exhausting and leaves me finding it too stressful to post, so enjoy the peace for a while because it never seems to last!


  3. Anvilcloud

    It looks like summer finally started here yesterday; the weather is warm and sunny. By warm I mean that the high temperature will be in the 20s (ie 70s to low 80s) for the foreseeable future. This is a nice change after a cool, wet spring.


  4. Marie Smith

    You mention the 100 degree temperatures and I cringe. An east coast girl at heart, I'd never move out of the house if I had to live there. You are a brave soul!


  5. Granny Annie

    The past several weeks have been busy, busy, busy for me. Lots of home renovations plus visitors galore. Right now I have my youngest grandchild with me and when she leaves tomorrow, everything will get quiet and I'm not sure I look forward to it. Yes, we went to see WW. Loved it.


  6. Margaret (Peggy or Peg too)

    Do you really care about that other 21%? (rhetorical since I avoid it some of the time too for that reason) And do they even read because if they did they would feel like the rest of the WORLD!!! Come visit it is another gorgeous sunny 79 degree day. We only have a couple more days then the 90's will begin and my favorite part of summer will be over. But I don't have to shovel so…..


  7. Silver Willow

    Well, there is no denying that 4-5 months of the year the heat is brutal. But that is why God gave us air conditioners, right? Lol. Nah, one just stays inside during the heat of the day. Being retired, shouldn't be a deal breaker.


  8. Silver Willow

    Well, life and blogging is simpler when I'm not pissing people off. LOL. Beyond that, I cannot explain their views. Don't even try any more… true, re shoveling. I've never owned and ice scraper too… hehe


  9. Sharon Anck

    You asked about West Nile Virus and fountains in our area. I've never heard that fountains are a problem. It's usually from standing water that gets a bit stagnant. Back when the housing crisis hit, there was a problem with empty houses with pools because no one was taking care of the pools, the water got dirty and mosquitos started to breed there. There isn't must of that any longer.


  10. Silver Willow

    thanks, Sharon! I have a small fountain, and usually only run it on the weekends, so I have to be mindful of it here in Orange County. I guess I could/should run it full time; and certainly would if it was a larger one. When we retire there in AZ in about 2 years; I was thinking ahead. 😉


  11. Jeanie

    Sometimes we've got nothin'! And it's OK because we'll get something sooner or later. We had a very rainy May but now it's sunny and nice. It'll rain again. Always does, but you grab the good days!


  12. Lynda

    I dared to mention politics the other day and was put in my place – I share your views on this and won't apologise. Sure, I'm not in US but this is the world's business not just a local issue. I love the cushion colour by the way – you definitely need that colour on those sofas 🙂


  13. joared

    I enjoyed the years we lived in AZ and traveled all over the state. The dry heat certainly was preferable to me over the humidity we left behind in the midwests summers. Of course, the monsoon months could be less comfortable and an occasional dust storm none too pleasant, but then I recall some pretty miserable times when I lived in snow country, too. Life is a trade off.


  14. Silver Willow

    thanks, Lynda! It's really not as dark as it might appear in that roo, but yes, the cushions will brighten up the dark sofas.

    I do not apologize for my political beliefs, but I don't seek out the brouhaha anymore, either.


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