Happy flag day!

I’m not going to let a President who sows the seeds of hate and mistrust ruin my flag day.


This country is about rising above, and making not only our neighborhoods, our country, but our WORLD a better place.  I will not let 45 ruin that legacy of this amazing country.  Not today.

and, appropriately enough, a big P.S. due to the shooting today in Alexandria:….

26 thoughts on “Happy flag day!

  1. tammy j

    well said!!! XOXO♥
    and the picture chosen simply beautiful.
    little children have to be TAUGHT to hate.
    it's time to stop teaching that.


  2. Kay

    My husband was the only one around wearing a huge American flag t-shirt today. Nobody knew it was Flag Day. So happy you mentioned it. It is a day for us to try to unite against hatred which is the order of the day now. I'm trying not to blame Trump, but I really feel he set the tone for all that's happening now.


  3. Denise inVA

    Great post for flag day. It's time for us all to stop pointing fingers and blaming someone else for what is always a tragic situation. It's time to stop, we are all living on one planet in one garden, with all kinds of different flowers. We should be respectful of each other and accepting of our differences. The people who will do evil in this world, sadly they will always be there.


  4. Catalyst

    You are correct, Silver, but from what I heard on the news today the hatred and lunacy continues, on both sides of the political spectrum.


  5. Hattie

    I liked that photo. Our neighbor has a flag up, but it's always up. Think I'll get a flag and display it, to show that this symbol of our country is not the sole property of the conservatives. See if I can find one made in the U.S.A!


  6. Silver Willow

    I couldn't agree more with you, Denise. We have to stop the name-calling and especially the belittling. We will continue to spiral out of control and the hatred will grow, otherwise.


  7. Silver Willow

    It does, and it doesn't surprise me, because The Man At The Top usually stirs it up and I think encourages it. I don't know where it ends, but it has to start to end or I truly fear for the country. This hatred and distain and mocking (what I see online) cannot continue on unabated, or it spells doom for us as a united country. That, in fact, may already be gone.


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