’twas a busy weekend!

Every year, I am gifted a large frozen turkey for a Xmas gift from one of my vendors.  It is always delivered the week of Xmas.  However, since it always arrives so ‘late’ (in regards to planning the Xmas meal, on the rare years I host it), and I can’t ever assume I will be getting it, it never gets cooked at Xmas.  Usually, I do it in March after the NFL playoff ‘season’ is over.  I wasn’t feeling well enough at that time this year to be bothered.

But by early this month, I was sick of it still in my freezer.  So we decided to cook it this past Saturday.  I invited the whole family; my mom came, as did my younger daughter, her hubby and my two youngest grandkids.  We had a ball.  It was all delicious, but I understand why it’s easier to cook in November or December when the weather is cooler.  LOL

Then yesterday, I moved winter clothes (such as they are in Southern CA, LOL) to my 3rd bedroom closet, washed my car, did the laundry, did the gardening.  On a 90 degree day.  After cooking a turkey dinner with all the trimmings the day before.  I was pooped.  I spent the whole afternoon on the couch watching TV.

So a very full, but fun weekend.  Now I have a week’s worth of delicious food, and another (smaller) container of extra turkey we will be freezing for a month or two from now.  It’s all good!

Hope you had a great weekend too!

22 thoughts on “’twas a busy weekend!

  1. Chris Elliot

    The only way to cook a turkey in the heat is in the BBQ. But you need to be careful as we had one ignite once. The first call, before the extinguisher was applied, was “Save the turkey!”


  2. Anvilcloud

    Love turkey dinner which we do every TG (October) an Christmas. But Sue has a hot thing, and we seldom turn on the oven in summer, nevermind for the length of time that the turkey would take.


  3. joared

    Well, happy turkey day — whenever it is! I sometimes received a gift turkey too late for the holidays, too, as you describe. You'd think the givers would be more cognizant of the timelines for planning, etc. and make allowances. I'm strictly using my microwave here in my valley area of So Cal. Have picked up some sliced cooked chicken at Trader Joe's but turkey would have been good.


  4. Jeanie

    Turkey takes a lot of real estate in the freezer but it's delicious at any time of the year. Sometimes we'll just do a turkey breast — a little smaller just for two. How fun you had a crowd to gather — bet all had a wonderful time!


  5. DJan

    Great idea to cook the turkey now and enjoy it for days on end. We had a warm (for us) weekend so I didn't go much outside, other than water the garden and walk for exercise. 🙂


  6. Silver Willow

    actually, it ends up our a/c was broken due to needing Freon (or the new equivalent?) Got that taken care of today; just in time for the weather to turn cooler again. LOL


  7. Silver Willow

    been pretty hot too, but major cool down starts tomorrow; mid 70's for the next 7-10 days. Should be nice as long as it doesn't dip lower and June gloom doesn't return!


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