Monthly Archives: June 2017

Best steak sauce ever

I don’t know if you have Texas Roadhouse’s anywhere near you (we finally have 2 in CA that are less than an hour away)…but even if you DON’T, I HIGHLY recommend their steak sauce!  It’s the best ever!  And you can order online, for only $3.99 a bottle!

Try it, and thank me later.  (and no, I do not get paid for this.  LOL)  (I should, huh?)


 Just not sure what to post about!  I’d love to post more about Wonder Woman, but it’s still so early in its run, I don’t want any comments I might make to ‘spoil’ it for anyone, so I won’t, until after the weekend.

There is MUCH I could say about politics at the moment, but I’d probably piss off about, oh 21% of you (LOL LOL)…so I won’t.  😉

Other than that, same ol, same ol.  Busy at work all day long, come home old and exhausted, play with the dogs, read, eat dinner, snuggle with hubby and watch TV until bedtime.  Wash, rinse, repeat, five days a week.

I just ain’t got nuthin, at the moment.  Beyond that.  Weather is our crappy normal June gloom, but the marine layer is so thick in the morning that rain wipers are required going to work.  I HATE gloom.  I could never live in the Pacific Northwest.  I don’t need warm, per se (although I enjoy it), but I DO need sun.  That’s why despite the 5-6 months of well over 100 degrees a day, I can’t wait to retire to AZ.  PLENTY of sun.  It’s just so dreary here in June.  June brides ain’t a ‘thing’ in southern CA because our weather is at its ugliest in June.  We just bear through it.  Oh well, some day in the not-too-distant future, I’ll probably be longing for these cool, damp mornings.  LOL  Grass is always greener, huh?

So that’s it, for me, for now.  I guess it’s better than drama drama llama.  😉

Have a good one!  The weekend is almost here for those of us peons still having to work 40 a week!  🙂