Hi everyone!

Well, the good news is that the medicine stopped the bleeding after the very first dose!  Fantastic!  I’ve been on it a week now, and no bleeding since that first dose.  Other symptoms are either better or gone, except I still tend to have loose stools.  I’m still working to determine if specific food(s) contribute to that, but my ‘can eat’ list is so small due to it, it makes it hard.

Day at a time.  Day at a time.  🙂

Sorry, still not ‘into’ blogging at this time.  Hope to break out of that doldrums soon.

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.  🙂

24 thoughts on “update

  1. Sue

    Hope you feel much better soon. I suffer from IBS which I hope doesn't turn into anything worse. I know all about wanting to hide away and curl up in a dark room. Blogging can wait, just look after yourself and stay positive!


  2. Jeanie

    Very good thing about the medicine. I hope it keeps up. I know the restricted diet is rough (having been on one with gallbladder not long ago) but they'll find out soon and just knowing will help.


  3. joared

    Glad the med did its job. Hope adjusting to diet changes becomes easier, also you can begin to feel better as you integratie the changes into your life. When I think of some of the complications you could be having (recalling some of my relatives) the outlook for you is very promising. Keep chugging along!


  4. Silver Willow

    I don't know now if my post-infection IBS was just the early warning signs of this ulcerative colitis, or just not getting it resolved led to this. I wish the best for you, and thanks for your kind words!


  5. Silver Willow

    The diet journey isn't them, it's me believing it has to be related and following some other philosophies on how to figure this out. But I plan to stay on this medicine forever as long as it keeps the disease in or near remission/effective. I'm not going to play Russian roulette with my health like many with UC do and stop the medicine when the symptoms go into remission.


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