A new month, a new beginning

Time to get back into the swing of posting.  Yes, it’s the start of football, and my football pool, and new TV season about to unfold, but it’s time for me to start making time for blogging again.

Just little old lady getting ready for retirement, stuff.  That’s who I am.

I’m finally starting to feel like I’m kind of stabilizing, health-wise.  For the first time in about 21 months, actually.  I can’t eat as varied a diet as I’d like, but I’ve adjusted pretty well and my body feels calmer and less inflamed, for sure.  And that’s important.

So I want to get back in the swing of it, and a holiday weekend is just the right time to get caught up with all of you at your blogs, too.  I have missed you!!

18 thoughts on “A new month, a new beginning

  1. Jeanie

    So glad to get the good news that you are stabilizing. We own our blogs, they don't own us! But it's always nice when we can get back to writing and visiting!


  2. Silver Willow

    Won't be going to any live games this year, but at home game food is already being discussed to alter my foods to match what is known safe for me. No worries. It's so not worth it to do otherwise. Thanks for bringing it up though, because you never know!


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