dropped another h.s. chum as a Facebook friend

my God, haven’t we learned Facebook really isn’t the place for political crap?  Especially since we are careening to another freaking civil war?

I ‘had’ to drop another old h.s. chum as a Facebook friend.  In fact, I got so ticked off that I didn’t just drop her as a friend, I flat out blocked her.  I can only consume so much stupidity around me.  Because honestly, I am well aware that there is a very strong likelihood that I got this ulcerative colitis, at a VERY unusually old age for first diagnosis, because of 45.  So I’m just not taking crap from anyone on the subject anymore.  Certainly not from a non-relative that I haven’t seen face to face in over 40 years.  LOL  (ok, I DID have to laugh at the absurdity of that.) 

Here’s the crap she posted.  I’m keeping it small because it’s so ridiculous.

I mean, SERIOUSLY.  How can people be this stupid and still figure out how to breathe, dress, and type?

:: shakes head ::

Okay, onward and upward.

I’m really worried for all the people in the path of Irma.  This hurricane is beyond a Category 5.  WAY beyond.  I remember my lovely trans-Atlantic cruise with my mom a few years back, that started off with a flight to Miami, and then boarding the cruise ship with first stops in Bermuda and the Bahamas.  I shudder to think of all those lovely places …and what they will face within the week.  I wish I could just scoop them up all into safety.  (same for those still suffering in Houston.)  My prayer list gets longer and longer every week, it seems…

:: sigh ::

All that said, I’m keeping a stiff upper lip.  We had a really nice smoked pork last night, and will have leftovers at least tonight and tomorrow night, too.  I have a good job and an amazing husband and a good family and fun pets, live in a place many can only dream of vacationing at, and overall, for an old, feisty broad who will turn 66 in less than 2 weeks…have decent enough health, too.  I’m DAMNED LUCKY and EXTREMELY blessed…and I’m well aware of it.   So there is that.  🙂

32 thoughts on “dropped another h.s. chum as a Facebook friend

  1. Lynda

    I don't do politics on Facebook and have only rarely mentioned it on my blog. I upset a reader that time but oh well, never mind. We have our own elections here this month and I will be very glad when that is over. I know who I'm voting for but am not too worried if the other party wins. It won't be anything like your situation over there!


  2. BootsandBraids

    I hear you. I had to drop someone who for years I'd held in high regard because of his blind stupidity. I suddenly lost all respect for him and realized I didn't know him at all. As for Irma, one of our residents just relocated back to Florida. We don't expect to hear from her again, but are hoping she'll be okay.


  3. Linda deV

    Blocked, without even a discussion, a gal whose rhetoric was simply ridiculous. I can take criticism and heated debate but complete nonsense thrown at me as if I am a moron will not be tolerated. Blocked and perfectly content. Facebook is not a great forum for politics.


  4. Silver Willow

    I agree, re FB. it's pointless, esp. now that the election is over. At least, that's my opinion, and I get to run my FB the way I see fit.

    And yes, very scary about Irma. 😦


  5. Silver Willow

    I'm hanging on by a thread with my oldest daughter. We are doing our best to keep our political views, 180 degrees different (suddenly. I never knew she felt this way before last summer)….out of our dealings with each other.

    I hope your ex neighbor stays safe.


  6. Jean R.

    That flag meme is just about as stupid as someone on my Facebook claiming Obama was playing golf during Katrina…ah, he wasn't president then!

    Glad you're feeling better and counting your blessings.


  7. Margaret (Peggy or Peg too)

    I too just blocked someone who said after 'he who sucks on a lemon face' went to Houston that you never saw Obama during Katrina did you? Well dumb ass that is because he wasn't the president then, George W was. For the love of God, stupidity is all around us.


  8. Hattie

    We stopped for a day in ST. Maartens on a cruse and had goat stew at an outdoor cafe on the water. Just looking now at pix showing how the island got trashed.
    I stopped having anything to do with Trump fans a long time ago. To me that's like saying we have to try to understand Hitler and his followers.


  9. DJan

    My sister lives near Tampa. She says it's a disaster zone there already: all the stores are sold out of goods, lines for gas are blocks long, and here I thought she was far enough away to be out of harm's way. Not! 😦


  10. Toni

    Nicely said.

    I really don't mind when people post their political ideas on FB. BUT, when they slander others, stoop to name calling and attacking others, I click and say, 'Bye Felicia!”


  11. Catalyst

    We who are blessed in our lives need to keep remembering it, even as we can have support for those who are in the storms' (plural intended) path. As for FB “friends” . . . fuck 'em.


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