Catching up

Sorry I’ve been absent, it’s just that time of the year!  Football starting, which means my 40 member football pool that I run (and play) (as well as playing $1 a week on fantasy football.)  Keeps me out of mischief, but keeps me away from here a tad, too.  😉

Well, Apple has announced their annual product upgrades.  I have a 6s Plus iPhone.  I had no intention of paying a cool grand for the iPhone X, but was interested in what the difference (features and price) would be between the 7 Plus and the new 8 Plus.  Once I heard that the 8 and the X would have glass backs, I said to myself “hell no thank you.”  But my 6s Plus is 2 years old, and although I would be giving up the mic jack, I want the better camera that’s on the 7 Plus.  I figure I’ll hold onto that puppy for a long time; no way am I going to glass front and rear phones!  But I’ll be retired in less than 2 years, so I suspect this new phone might last me quite a while.  I’m just waiting for TMobile to drop the price.  Should be by the weekend.  (since it will no longer be the newest/flagship model, there will be a price reduction of at least $100 from what it is now.)  So that’s what I’ve got going on this end.  I did a bit of researching and once transferred, I should be able to sell my 6s Plus for $125-145 at  I’ve had great luck doing that with ‘old’ phones in the past. 

That’s all I’ve got, for now.  🙂

24 thoughts on “Catching up

  1. Jean R.

    I'd worry about the face recognition phone not working as I age. What do you do if you get an puffy eyes or wear different makeup one day? LOL Maybe the glass is hurricane or space craft grade and won't break? Gotta be some reason why they aren't worried about it turning off customers.


  2. Silver Willow

    I never even used the fingerprint 'passcode' feature, I sure have no use for face recognition. Saw lots of funny jokes about it, though.

    I have 'gorilla glass' 'screen protector' on my current iPhone. I have cracked it 3 times. I sure don't trust a glass back, no matter what it's made of, at this point. I'm sure we'll hear horror stories, but apparently it's the only way it can get the wireless type it has. oh well. (and I think they aren't worried about turning off customers because, well, Apple customers are an usually loyal bunch.)


  3. Granny Annie

    Most of my kids have Samsung Galaxy phones but my sister and brother and all their family members have iPhones. I try to use theirs and it is all Greek to me. I can barely keep up with what I have and dread the day things are too fancy as my brain keeps going kaput.


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