23 thoughts on “my take on the Donald at the U.N.

  1. Margaret (Peggy or Peg too)

    I did not watch – ON PURPOSE!
    He is an utter buffoon. His ego will kill us. Now you may laugh, but when I studied Nostradamus this is pretty much following that course. The floods, fires, hurricanes and this asshat – it was all there. Just that it was so hard to believe when I learned this 30 years ago. 😦


  2. Silver Willow

    oh trust me, I didn't watch. But I've seen enough online to get it.

    They need to make “On the Beach” (the old movie) required viewing across the nation/world. Sure, it might be propaganda'ish, but it rings true enough that it would be very enlightening for MANY.

    People seem to have NO CLUE what the long term ramifications would be for the entire world if a modern day nuclear bomb was dropped ANYWHERE. Seriously. It's going to wipe out the west coast of the USA (if N. Korea drops it) (or we do in response to them) … and screw with the jet streams and therefore food supplies, for DECADES to come. It might not be fast 'you are vaporized' kind of death of Ground Zero; no, it will be birth defects, auto-immune diseases and fast moving cancers…at the very least. Probably much worse much faster for the first few several thousand miles away down (jet) stream…


  3. Jean R.

    At this point in time there is nothing he could do or say that would please me except maybe I'm quitting this job of presidency. I just hope there are smarter people in the joint chefs who will keep him in line. I truly hate the sight of that man.


  4. tammy j

    I won't watch him either. He is the living, breathing embodiment of “The Ugly American” (heart and soul), and ridiculously enough, he is our President. 😦

    you never said it better in such few words. the ugly American.
    he makes me ashamed to be American. I didn't watch on purpose. my BP can't take him.
    earthquakes floods typhoons tornadoes and trump. and now possible nuclear war.
    my god. what a mess.


  5. Married2 aCzech

    BUT…it doesn't bother you that we have a certifiable nut in North Korea causing all of this?! ONLY DONALD TRUMP? MAYBE if the last President would have handled things with this “Rocket Man,” we'd ALL be better off! Did you ever think about that?


  6. Silver Willow

    1. of course Kim Jong Un bothers me. This post was about Trump. MANY things bother me in this world. I was singling out one thing. Don't try to deflect; it won't work here.

    2. You are certifiable if you think Kim Jong Un won't do his best to blow up the USA, and if you think 'fighting fire with fire' is the way to fix it, you are beyond stupid. Better off? Your insanity is showing. Not a good look.


  7. Married2 aCzech

    And, please…let me say something else here…Donald J. Trump is a good person!! Show me one (1) person who hasn't made a bad mistake (or two) in their life! He's just a man…with feet of clay. Instead of constantly looking for the negative in him or always looking for his flaws…try lifting him up!! If for no other reason except that he IS our President. I didn't vote for Obama and certainly did not vote for Hillary, but I can tell you this…I would have never condemned either one of them for their flaws. What is wrong with liberals? There is never enough to please them nor enough change for them. Put it in God's hands, because…He's still very much in control.


  8. Silver Willow

    reply to Married comment #2: I wear my anger for Donald Trump as a badge of honor…proudly.

    reply to Married comment #3: What part of Donald Trump makes him a good person? His saying 'grab their pussies”…? His trying to destroy our democracy by taking down the 1st Amendment, by either calling those who oppose them Fake Media, or by trying to stop Freedom of Speech? By trying to kill millions of Americans by taking away health insurance pre-existing conditions? By supporting and condoning White Supremacists? By refusing to acknowledge that a foreign communist power tried very hard to influence our Presidential election? By openly mocking the disabled? Which part makes him a good person, let alone a good president?

    And there is nothing wrong with liberals. This country has gotten by just fine for 241 years (minus the Civil War era)….with a 2 party system that disagreed but still, for the most part, worked together. Republicans stopped that in the last 2 years when they refused to even consider President Obama's Supreme Court nominee. Now we have Trump, who refuses any attempts at bipartisan congressional work, and we are exactly where we are BECAUSE of the Republicans in office. Don't blame the liberals.

    And now, you have had 3 strikes, and you are out. Because blogs are NOT democracies, and I'm tired of dealing with you.


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