new lows

Just when you think Trump has hit a new low, he sinks even lower.

Yesterday, at an Alabama rally, Trump said that NFL owners should fire any ‘son of a bitch’ who kneels during the national anthem.

(to see the excerpt of that part of his speech, go here:)

But yet he pardons the likes of a complete bastard, Joe Arpaio.

He calls white supremacists ‘fine people.’

What the HELL is wrong with this man?  How can people not only still support him, but applaud him?

Is nearly half of the country really this awful, too?  It’s just unfathomable.

While I didn’t previously enjoy seeing players kneel during the national anthem, I respected their RIGHT to do so.

Today, I hope every darned player, white OR black or any other color, kneels tomorrow.

Why?  because….

Freedom of speech is being attacked from the TOP.

We are in deep, deep trouble.


29 thoughts on “new lows

  1. Jean R.

    You wrote exactly what I'd write if I was going to tackle this topic. I've never been so embarrassed by a president in my long life and so leery of the people who still support him. I don't follow football but I care about free speech.


  2. Anvilcloud

    Yeah,I don't follow football, but I am aware of the kneeling thing. In general principle, I hate to see the flag disrespected, but in this case, I would like to see it spread.


  3. Should Fish More

    As a vet and somebody who tried to do good during my working life, the man disgusts me. I more admire someone who protests the flag, and even, yes, burns one, out of a belief and protest than someone who waves it as a weapon against others and proclaim their 'patriotism'. I'll take Kap over the trump idiot any day.


  4. Silver Willow

    I don't necessarily see it as disrespectful of our flag. I see it as a silent protest of aspects of our country. Which he is entitled to, and isn't off the mark on. Glad you'd like to see it spread. Now Trump has turned it into a much bigger issue, and I hope that spreads.


  5. tammy j

    what continues to amaze me…
    president Clinton was IMPREACHED for 'lying' about having sex with a woman.
    seriously! an “impeachable offense.”
    and yet this idiot has lied on a DAILY BASIS to the congress and the American people about things FAR WORSE! and yet it goes ON AND ON like a bad play.
    I am with you in finally believing that half the country just might be as awful as he is. it is frightening to me.


  6. LL Cool Joe

    I'm not into any national anthem. I honestly don't understand how a man like Trump is President, mind you I don't understand how Theresa May became Prime Minister either.


  7. Jono

    Trump is a classless ass that doesn't have a clue about the realities of the world. I hope the entire NFL stays off their feet and on their knees. Normally I wouldn't, but the Cheeto in Charge needs to stop being the class bully and just stfu for five minutes.


  8. Silver Willow

    Thanks! I have issues with flag burning, personally. I accept one's right to freedom of speech about this country, but I just can't accept that flag burning is the only way to accomplish it.


  9. Silver Willow

    Yep. It doesn't what anyone says (Trump included): they just relish being able to relinquish into the public all the hate they apparently have been harboring for a LONG time. Sad times.


  10. Mary

    I've said all along, the problem is the people who are the die hard Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Brietbart news Trump supporters….and there are many many of them. It is indeed scary and I fear he will be reelected if we still have a country by then with the escalating remarks about N Korea….now its “little” rocket man..two immature dearranged bullies.


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