Divide and Conquer

It’s clear that is Trump’s plan.  CNN actually had a great editorial on that very subject today:


Donald’s every utterance makes it abundantly clear he wants to be a Dictator.  He wants to rule America first, then maybe the world.  But definitely America.  Why is it so hard for Trump to remember that our country has something called the US Constitution and the First Amendment protects protests.  You know, that document that he took an OATH to defend and protect?

Donald isn’t doing his job.

And he is a raging hypocrite, and so is his fan base.  He raged for a long time about Hillary’s personal email being used for government business, but not a peep out of him about his son-in-law (Kushner) doing the very same thing, as was discovered yesterday.  Perhaps Ivanka is, as well.  Not.a.word.

And this is the same Donald Trump who tweeted:

Hey Donald, how about you focus on YOUR job?

Also, silently kneeling during a song is disrespectful, yet suggesting one grabs someone by the pussy isn’t?

He has a very warped sense of priorities (so does his fan base.) He has NO problem demanding regulations be put in place regarding whether non-government employees should stand for the national anthem, but wants to END regulations that protect our environment.  How screwed up is that?  Well, it really isn’t about priorities.  It’s about whipping his fan base into a frenzy.  He doesn’t give a rat’s arss about anything but that and his massive ego getting stroked in the meantime when they idolize his (and their own) idiocy and bigotry.  Fuel the flames of hate, and bask in it.  That’s The Donald.

He talks like an elementary age child.  He’s proven to be incapable of abstract thinking, logical thinking, grown up words (Sad!) or speaking in intelligent, thoughtful ways.  Twitter works for him because by it’s nature it has to be short and simple, and frankly, that’s the way his brain appears to work.  Nothing deep, well thought out, diplomatic.  Donald wouldn’t know diplomatic if it rapped him upside the brain.

It’s all about divide and conquer.  About outbursts to distract from the bigger issues.  We all keep falling into that trap.  In office less than a year, and we all notice that the more cray-cray his comments are, the more likely something major is about to drop on him, and he’s just trying to distract us with his cray-cray.

He is the most despicable president of modern times.

We (those who oppose him) still haven’t figured out the best way to neutralize his hate and division, and that must be our goals.  (besides hoping he doesn’t put us into a nuclear war before 2018/2020.)

Much food for thought.

19 thoughts on “Divide and Conquer

  1. Margaret (Peggy or Peg too)

    Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands are a hot mess. How is he helping that situation worrying about the NFL and their friggin' ratings? PR and USVI are all part of the USA – help them, get the funding passed. As McCain screamed on the floor of the Senate – PASS SOMETHING TO HELP THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND IT'S TERRITORIES!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Jean R.

    They are up to six White house staff who are using private emails. Trump doesn't care. He doesn't care about Puerto Rico other than their Wall Street debt. He doesn't care about anyone but himself and keeping us focused on something other than what's coming down with the Russian investigation…which is due to start interviewing people working in the White House.

    Thanks for giving me a chance to vent. I can't believe we have to put up with him for over three more years!


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