Time for something ‘feel good’

Time for me to break from the barrage of political posts, to post something beyond sweet, endearing, and compassionate.  Because let’s face it, we all need MORE of that in our lives!


And if that didn’t get to you (but I’m sure it did), how about one more, this time in the vein of  ‘we take the beauty of life for granted’…

OK.  Good to get back to the GOOD side of human nature, as opposed to focusing on the trash.  🙂

Have a beautiful day!

16 thoughts on “Time for something ‘feel good’

  1. Marie Smith

    Empathy in a two year old. You can't teach that! What a dear little soul!

    Colour blindness was in my father's family, among his nephews. I hope they get the same opportunity as that man.


  2. Jean R.

    The two year old is precious, but I disagree with Marie, you can teach empathy and someone in her life is doing a great job with that little girl.

    The guy with the glasses had me tearing up. What a wonderful invention, those glasses.


  3. Silver Willow

    I feel that some people ARE born with empathy, but that it can be picked up on, if you are nurtured correctly, and this little girl most certainly is. You could tell by her mom's (I'm assuming her mom) responses to her.

    Yes, those glasses; so amazing!


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