A Warning

This post is by someone named Dave Rogan.  It is very…..colorful.  But dayum, if he isn’t right!  It’s sickening, but he is RIGHT.

Yes, this blog is called A Gentle Breeze, and/but there is nothing gentle about this post.  But I named this A Gentle Breeze before Trump was elected.  SO MUCH has changed since then.  SO MUCH.

Here we go…buckle up.

I’m not a famous athlete, or a famous anything, so nobody will give a shit what I think. But so long as this is a free country (though it may not be for much longer), I have to get this off my chest.
The American ideal is everything we should collectively aspire to, and, boy, America sure as shit looks good on paper. In practice, however, America has failed. Completely and absolutely. We have failed so spectacularly that it is simply no longer possible for me to see the ideal through the star spangled bullshit. We are not the fancy 850 horsepower NASCAR ride we pretend to be, we are a rusted jalopy sitting on blocks. We are a loud, ignorant, lumbering dolt that can’t spell, can’t do math, doesn’t know history, doesn’t believe in science, mistakes empathy for weakness and mistakes bullying for strength. We are intolerant, brutally stupid, unmoved by factual reality, unimpressed by compassion, and disinterested in progress of any kind. We have collectively decided that if America is ever to become “great again,” it will be largely owing to the misogynistic, infantile, narcissistic bigot we put in the Oval Office—and there is no better reflection of what America has become than Donald J. Trump. Whether you voted for him or not, that is exactly who we are. Donald Trump is America.
We are not a country that celebrates diversity—we recoil from it. The “browning” of America, and the election of a black president, caused this country to literally lose its fucking mind. Barack Obama wasn’t just a political adversary for most, he was a Kenyan-born socialist, card-carrying Muslim Brotherhood member who wanted to “tear down America” somehow by giving financially disadvantaged citizens a shot at having decent healthcare (employing the identical program Mitt Romney signed into law in Massachusetts as governor). But why let nuanced reality get in the way of what this country clearly saw as a problem as obvious as black and white?
In this country, we have turned empathy, compassion, education, real knowledge and the desire to elevate our collective society into concepts of derision in favor of infantile macho posturing. We do not value delivering life-saving proton therapy to an impoverished child afflicted with neuroblastoma—we’d rather wear our camo and AK-47 to Wendy’s in case we have to fuck up some ISIS fighter who’s there waiting on his Baconator Deluxe.
We vilify education and educators, mostly because the acquisition of actual knowledge is a danger to the power center of this country, which now essentially functions as little more than a wholly owned subsidiary of the fossil fuel, pharma and weapons lobbies. We aspire to our ignorance and wear it like a badge of honor, deriding anyone who might actually know more than us as an “elite.” We despise education, knowledge and diversity of thought so much in this country that we’ve actually decided that cities, of all things, are not the “real” America, as if the New York Philharmonic is just a communist plot to “gay up” our children who would otherwise be more naturally drawn to a Monster Truck Jamboree. Cities are where people go to educate themselves and live in a diverse pluralistic community, so cities suck now. All 320 million of us now live as indentured servants in the rural “real” American bubble feedback loop because cities are full of people who think education might make them better citizens, perish the thought.
We’ve decided, unlike the rest of the world, that climate change is just some libtard plot that Al Gore dreamed up so he and Ed Begley, Jr. could sell solar cells out of the back of a Prius. In doing so, we have ignored our best scientists, climatologists, research foundations and government agencies like NASA in favor of the alternative position posited by beauty contestant and half-term governor Sarah Palin. We’ve embraced this farce so heartedly that now it’s cool to want to rape our environment, pollute our air, destroy our oceans, and turn our National Parks into Charles and David Koch’s ash trays.
We’ve turned the free media, the fourth estate of American democracy, into a punching bag so that we can more easily ingest the faux patriotic propaganda of the morally bereft right wing without so much as a water chaser. Because who needs all that pesky thinking-for-one’s-self when we can just accept Rush Limbaugh’s and Sean Hannity’s and Alex Jones’ daily shitpile of lies as unassailable truth. More Americans believe in Bigfoot than do the Big Bang Theory. But, yeah, it’s Rachel Maddow that we should be worried about.
We have chugalugged the Kool Aid that makes us believe that if we just give rich people more money, everything will be better off, because, frankly, the alternative—giving lazy black people food stamps so they can buy crab legs—is a nonstarter. Sheldon Adelson, Rupert Murdoch and Robert Mercer are the heroes in this new adventure. We are so furiously aggrieved with white resentment in this country that we can’t even acknowledge how completely fucked we are by the oligarch class because—well, because they’re white.
It’s nearly 2018 and we’ve decided that all the progress the LGBT community has made in the last decade was just a nightmare to wake up from, refreshed. Now we’re back to treating gays, lesbians and the transgender community like a point-and-laugh freak show, and we’ve decided that religion is the best shield for our bigotry. “I ain’t baking no wedding cake for those faggots—Jesus never told me I had to be tolerant.” Really? Never?
This country has returned to its shameful roots as a white, male, “Christian” (word heavily in quotes) nation full of indiscriminate anger and impotent rage, but we compensate for it by bullying the rest of the world with threats of military intervention, and by reinstitutionalizing a “second class America” into which we can relegate blacks, Mexicans, immigrants in general, Muslims, atheists, powerful women, gays, and pretty much anyone who isn’t a resentful, aggrieved but unappreciative recipient of monumental white privilege.
The one thing I will agree with regarding the foolish derision of Colin Kaepernick, who, by any sane and sober assessment, is calling attention to a very worthwhile cause (in fact, remind me why we aren’t all in lockstep agreement with him?) is that our military and its personnel deserve our respect and admiration. What I don’t understand is how the fuck protesting the unchecked assassination of unarmed black citizens, which we should ALL see as a problem in this country, is somehow reflective of the military? Donald fucking Trump himself implicitly states that America is not great each time he nauseatingly repeats the phrase “Make America great again,” so why is that not somehow a slap in the face to the troops? Why was Trump’s mocking of an American POW not an insult to the troops? Why was Trump’s maligning of a Gold Star family not an affront to the troops? Why are Trump’s five chickenshit silver spoon deferments during Vietnam because of a fake foot ailment not a reflection of his shoddy opinion of the troops? Why is Trump’s willingness to take healthcare away from 1.8 million veterans not regarded as an attack on our troops?
Stop wracking your brain—it’s because Trump is white. He’s on “the team” that’s fighting “the other.” He doesn’t have to make sense. He doesn’t even have to be fucking sane. He can tell you there are “fine people” marching under swastika flags in our country’s cities and still remain president this week with an approval rating six points higher than it was in August.
That’s America right now. We’re supposed to celebrate that? Pledge allegiance to that? Sorry, but no fucking way. Not me.
I’m disgusted and embarrassed by this country, especially considering who is now running it. If that makes me less of a patriot, I don’t really give a shit. America hasn’t earned my patriotism or even my respect. We have become an awful country full of ignorance and hate, and the rest of the civilized world has zoomed by us pointing and laughing. And although I’m thankfully not in the public eye in the same way as someone like Mr. Kaepernick, who has a thousand times more integrity and principled instinct than the current occupant of the White House, given the opportunity, I’d probably be taking a knee right beside him.

p.s.  this was posted to his public Facebook page.  🙂

14 thoughts on “A Warning

  1. Jean R.

    I'm going to see if I can find Dave Rogan's Facebook so I can give him a thumbs up. His words are powerful and so true. Thanks for re-posting this.

    I was watching Anderson Cooper's town-hall last night with people on all sides of the NFL/kneeling issue…no yelling, just honest conversation. And I thought, maybe Trump's childish meltdown last weekend has had the opposed effect than he intended. Fingers crossed.


  2. Silver Willow

    Jean, email me at: silverwillow02@gmail.com if you would like the direct link. 🙂

    I continue to cross my fingers, but fear we are more likely to head to war; whether civil war first or nuclear, I'm not sure. And it's preposterous that EITHER is a real possibility. How far we have sunk as a country in such a very short period of time.


  3. Silver Willow

    ’m sure it must’ve. If threw me off guard you n the beginning, but the more I read, the more it made sense. It helped me realize why this has been so deeply troubling for me. You spend 66 years thinking your life, your country, your family and friends are one way… and then it turns completely upside down. Almost all of it, with way too many people to be comfortable.


  4. Plowing Through Life (Martha)

    This was tough to read. I think I held my breath through the whole thing. Never in all my years have I seen such divisiveness in your country. I wonder where this will go. Will there be a war? We have refugees from the U.S crossing into Canada; some of them right here in my small city. From the U.S! I can't wrap my head around this. It's surreal.


  5. Silver Willow

    I think there are several possibilities;

    1. Nuclear war over North Korea
    2. Civil war
    3. Assassination attempt. Not wishing it, but it is a possibility. Even if it happens, not sure the attempt will be on trump.
    4. Trump finally crosses some intolerable line (beyond anything conceivable) and a sincere impeachment is attempted or
    5. Legal trouble he can't escape.

    Could be a combination of these things, too…


  6. tammy j

    i know that no country is ALL good. but we have held this image of America as the shining 'city on the hill' for so long. mom and apple pie.
    i remember sitting in front of the tv after 9/11 saying “but WHY? why do they hate us?” and i really meant that. and i had no idea what our 'policies' for the rest of the world are.
    then you start delving into the real stuff. not the stuff that the media wants you to believe. the actual HISTORY written by ALL sides. and you decide for yourself.
    from the genocide of the native Americans ages ago right on down to the modern GREED of wall street that keeps going on and will apparently never stop…
    to the greed of the biggest industry of them all… HEALTH for its citizens …
    and the silent leadership of the military complex that has nothing to do with our boots on the ground military but ALL to do with the money that is spent to keep the American public AFRAID…
    yup. tell it mr. rogan whoever you are. except that Obama is not a muslim. card carrying or otherwise. not that it matters. we supposedly are the land of the free where you can worship as you please. even if you go in with your 'license to carry.'
    sorry willow!
    i obviously got carried away.


  7. Silver Willow

    Tammy, I think you misunderstood his comment about Obama. That wasn’t his opinion, he was expressing what those who lost their minds when Obama was elected… what THEY thought about Obama. At k adt that’s the way I read it.

    P.s. glad you fully expressed yourself!


  8. tammy j

    you're right willow! I re-read it and I thought it strange of him to say that! then on the second reading I realized it.
    it's a good article. wonder how many people will actually see it.
    thanks for posting it.


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