Horror in Las Vegas.

Tom Petty.
Shots reportedly fired at USC.
All in one morning.
too much.
There are sick people of every race and creed.  Sick people everywhere.  It’s up to society to promote unity, not division.  To promote love and understanding, and not hate.  I have no answers; I just know that division and hatred are the cause, not the answer.
My heart goes out to all of the souls lost (except for one) and for their friends and loved ones…due to the Las Vegas massacre.  
I have no words beyond that.
Except 66 is too young for anyone, including a rock legend.  RIP, Tom Petty.
It’s a very, very sad day.  

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  1. Silver Willow

    and one other thing… Forces are at work on both sides trying to tear our country apart. We need to stop hating each other, & find a way to peacefully coexist. That is the only solution. Stop letting radicals (both sides) and bots (from any source) infiltrate us and make us hate each other. Hate is never the answer.


  2. Lynda

    I couldn't agree more. I'm not sure about your feelings on the gun laws over there but surely being able to buy as many weapons as this crazy man had (and the type of weapon) should be outlawed. Yes, you can have mass killings anywhere but do they have such killings in Canada? UK? Australia? I get the original meaning of the second amendment but back then they had muskets for God's sake, not high powered assault weapons. These are sad, difficult times.


  3. joared

    It’s a crazy normal,we have now, isn’t it. Stay sane! That was a false alarm at USC they discovered later. News interviewed students who said a prof apparently had a breakdown possibly set off by events in Vegas as she talked of friends there. Police took her away.


  4. Mary

    Unfortunately it turned out to be wrong about Tom Petty, as he did indeed pass away. So sad….so young. My husband was only 68 when he died 4 years ago. I can only imagine what he would have thought of all these times and events just since 2016 election. Everyday it's something new…either some weather or criminal tragedy or some crude remark or tweet that stirs the pot once again. No wonder we all have anxiety.


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