I Just Can’t

So much is wrong with this country (and of course, this world.)

I just can’t keep up the level of concern over all the things that are wrong.  I know it’s why I got ulcerative colitis at an extremely unusual age (most get it in their teens to maybe their 40’s, but usually teens-30’s.  I was 65.)  It was a poor body reaction to continued stress.

Damned political, alt-right, Donald Trump, what-the-hell-is-wrong-with-so-many-of-you stress.  Stress became anger.  None of it good for my body.

I just can’t keep it up.  Every time I get worked up over another new faux pas of our president, I get diarrhea again, that can go on for days.

I just can’t keep it up.

I’ve dropped all of the Twitter accounts I followed re this.  I have to break myself from checking Donald’s twitter account, or one of several news sources, during the day, to get the latest.  My body and psyche just can’t handle it.  It’s too much, and it just gets progressively worse, and yet, I know damned well it will get far worse before it ever gets better, if it DOES get better.  I can’t focus on it anymore, let alone seek it out/dwell on it.  I have to move past it.  Get back to reading, positive zen-like activities.  Try and move away from all of this.

Might be a cop out, but I have to take care of my health, emotion AND physical.  Obsessing with all this is the worse thing I could be (and have been) doing.

So I’m going to try and break the obsession.  Wish me luck; I’m going to need it, because it’s EVERYWHERE.

24 thoughts on “I Just Can’t

  1. Anvilcloud

    It's hard to ignore. Yesterday, the tv news happened to come on while I was switching out of PVR mode (The Voice), and UKnowWho came on in Puerto Rico. I quickly turned it off because I can't stand the man, not even his voice.


  2. Jeanie

    It's hard to deal with, isn't it? I just heard Paul Ryan saying “we shouldn't let the acts of a single person define us as a country.” He was talking about the Vegas shooter but it could have just as easily been applied to our so-called president. We all need such a break from terror and idiocy and sadness…


  3. Jean R.

    We all have to take care of ourselves first and foremost. And when you're ready to jump back in, just pick one thing, one issue to focus on to make a difference.


  4. Silver Willow

    Oh, I NEVER watch any news on TV. Never watch his interviews. Just online. But yes, one way or another, it is hard to ignore. He makes it that way purposely. He's trying to wear us down, and in at least my case, he's succeeded.


  5. Silver Willow

    We do. I'm thinking if I just can't, I might try to focus on just the environment. Studying more about how to help in that one, single cause. Without focusing too much on the negative. Just working on getting the word -the real facts- out about the positive. But for right now, on news clamp down re politics.


  6. Silver Willow

    Awww….great minds! (see my comment right above.) When that time comes, it will be the environment. For me it would be the easiest one to focus on the positive, if anything, not the negative. (other than getting the real facts out there in my own little nook of the world.) But for right now, I need to put myself on time out, politics-wise. 😉


  7. Kathy G

    I don’t Twitter, and I’m fortunate to be able to ignore and scroll past all the venomous posts on my Facebook page. My radio is set to a music station that pretty much ignores current events. Yesterday and today it only took me ten minutes to read the newspaper-other than the headlines I skipped the rest of it.


  8. Margaret (Peggy or Peg too)

    Thank God for a DVR. I am sticking my head in the sand. Living in the bullseye doesn't make this easy. But for now only happy thoughts and working hard to find them. I am alive, I am happy, I am with a wonderful partner and my family is well. So I'm good. That will have to be enough right now.But I have backed off the news and all things orange man. He frustrates me so with his stupidity and lack of empathy. I can't afford to let him make me ill !!!


  9. joared

    We all have to do what’s best for us as you must do for yourself. For whatever the reasons some internalize events in their bodies in such a way that disrupts their health as you’re experiencing. I think there are various ways to address that, but one common thread I’ve noticed among those becoming so physically distressed is the use of Facebook and Twitter. Given what we’re learning about Russia’s influence with messaging on FB to upset Americans, it sounds wise you’re avoiding those sites.


  10. Lynda

    I've pulled back quite a bit lately. I used to watch CNN online and catch up with all Trump's latest tremendous achievements (?) but now don't watch much at all for the same reason as you – I think it was giving me headaches.

    I will still follow local news (which is also pretty depressing at times) but can't let the worries of the world affect me too much. I've bought myself a nice new kindle and intend to immerse myself in the world of make believe 🙂


  11. tammy j

    you're wise to do this.
    but you have done it before and fallen right back into their trap.
    they WANT us to stay upset. they WANT the fear to keep us in line.
    just live your life and try to ignore them. you're ONE in over 7 BILLION!
    sometimes it doesn't feel that way. but the reality is just that.
    and it's too short to spend it in the bathroom in excruciating pain and sick feelings!
    bless you. be strong.
    here's to PEACE and LOVE and CALM. if only in our own small world of home. xo♥


  12. Silver Willow

    definitely pulling back from Twitter. Facebook, I've filtered out the annoying folk. But really, just need to pull back in general. Get back into blogs, reading, football, etc.


  13. Silver Willow

    I know I tried before; just not hard enough. I have to this time. I want my life back, and yes, little 'ole me can't do much to affect the world anyhoo, so what's the point? Leave it to those slightly younger, certainly physically stronger. 🙂


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