The Environment; my new hobby

You know, I’d planned all along to make meteorology a hobby after I retire.  Although I live in the mildest climate (age 0-present) my entire life, I’ve always been fascinated by weather, especially extreme weather.  But math was never my strong suit, and I grew up before we could let computers handle our math problems for us.  Times have changed.  So I was planning to make my curiosity over weather into a more detailed hobby of learning in retirement one of my new ‘things.’

Then this presidency started, and after taking for granted a liberal-based presidency for a LONG time, or moderate republican ones sprinkled in occasionally, we now realize a true threat to cleaning up our environment that is causing climate change that could devastate our planet, and instead of being the strongest nation in the world helping to lead the fight for environmental causes…we are becoming it’s biggest opponent.

While I can’t (physically) handle the daily assaults by this administration and it’s supporters, I still can pick one of MANY issues, and delve into it.

I’ve made the environment/climate change THAT issue.  But I have a long way to go before I’m ready to become an activist (and not even sure that ‘activist’ is the route I intend to take.)  I have a LOT of research and studying to do first.  A LOT.

But before I feel I can get into the science of our planet’s environmental issues and trends, I want to start by picking one to several environmental groups to help me learn and help me focus on helping.  That might be putting the cart before the horse for some; perhaps I should be doing independent research first, THEN picking a group.  But even just a short foray into researching the best environmental advocacy groups (‘best’ being determined by how efficiently they use their donations)…made me realize how educational the most well known of these groups are.  So why not take advantage of their resources as part of my study?  So that’s what I’m doing.

But first I need to settle down into selecting just a few groups, because sadly, there are SO many!

Also, I am realizing I need to define WHAT specialty, within the realm of environmentalism, I’m going to put my heart into.  Environmentalism is a broad category.  Within it are many things, a few of which are:

The ocean
Climate change
Clean energy
Air Quality

Yes, they are all inter-related.  But it’s too much for me.  I need to focus in one just 1-2 sub-specialties.

Right now, I’m choosing climate change.  It best fits my interest in weather/meteorology.  I suspect at some point I will go back to being very active in food, and specifically the chemicalization of our food, because it is having such a personal impact for me on my own health.

You can see, I have much to do/focus on.  I’m just scratching the surface, learning how to focus on what I need to learn.  A long way to go before putting in any action in helping, other than just donating money to these causes/groups.

So that’s where I am, and it’s exciting!

12 thoughts on “The Environment; my new hobby

  1. Jean R.

    I like your plan and the cause you're planning to learn about and support. If we all could do the same with something that speaks to us the world will be better place.


  2. Silver Willow

    Thanks, Jean! It feeling very inspiring to be focusing on trying to make a positive impact, and learning (good for keeping the cobwebs of the brain at bay after I retire!)…instead of knee-jerk reacting to crap, you know?

    And I agree. We all need to pick a lane, and work it. 🙂


  3. Jeanie

    Very exciting! And yes, you can't do it all but you can pick one or maybe two if closely related and do those to the max! It's all good.


  4. tammy j

    it sounds wonderful! and it is totally admirable.
    not only that… it sounds healing for you. (as well as the planet)
    so all is good.
    even the picture in this post does the heart good! XO♥


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