time to meet my maker

My new coffeemaker, that is.

The old one died.

Came into the kitchen this morning to coffee all over my counter, and my travertine floor.  😦

Once we examined closer, we found that there was a gaping hole (about an inch wide!  how did we miss it?!) on the bottom front side of the glass carafe.  Normally I would just replace the carafe, but it’s an old machine and a weird brand and model.  Meh.  I was just trying to clean the water holder section without white vinegar this week….time to just spend a little money and get a pristine brand new one.

So, time to research at walmart, Target, and BB&B today.  I’ll pick up something tomorrow.

Oh wells…..such is life.

26 thoughts on “time to meet my maker

  1. Jean R.

    Not a great way to start out the day, but if that's the worst that happens, it's still a good day in the grand scheme of things. Have fun deciding on the next coffee maker.


  2. Silver Willow

    Well, I only drink decaf (but it's Gloria Jeans buttered toffee decaf, so it's delish)…so not a big deal. I can't 'do' caffeine any more at all. Even a glass of iced tea at LUNCH keeps me awake until past midnight these days. :: old age problems ::


  3. Arkansas Patti

    I think they deliberately make carafes irreplaceable by tweaking the machines each year. Have fun picking out the new one. Now to Google Gloria Jeans buttered toffee decaf.


  4. LL Cool Joe

    See we Brits are peasants and most of us drink instant coffee. One scoop in a mug, no mess and no drama.

    I only drink decafe too. I hope you find a beautiful replacement.


  5. Olga Hebert

    I hope you find something you life. I seem to go through a lot of coffee makers. My husband used to say I could break anything made out of glass just by walking into the room.


  6. coffeeontheporchwithme

    We got a Keurig coffee maker a few (?) years ago but it has slowed down, despite vinegar treatments, etc. so we just use instant coffee – quick, easy, no wasteful pods. Hope you find a good one that you really like! -Jenn


  7. Jeanie

    Rick has had those issues. All he wants is a coffee maker that makes coffee. Not Cappuccino, latte, espresso. Just coffee. Three to four cups, though he's probably only normally do two. They're harder to find than one thinks!


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