Hodge Podge Monday

Today’s post will be a little bit of this, a little bit of that….

1.  found the coffee pot I wanted.  Nice Cuisinart model, that I got 20% off of, at Bed, Bath & Beyond.  Very pretty brushed silver front, too.  I’m so over black plastic.  (top of lid and inside is fine, but not on what one sees on the counter…)  Coffee tastes great this morning.  Back to normal on that front.

2.  We went and saw the Brian Wilson Performs Pet Sounds concert Saturday night.  We had misread where it was being held; fortunately we discovered that on Friday night, so we were able to adjust our plans and route and got there fine.  I gotta say, Brian Wilson is a hot MESS, and can’t hit a note. (vocally.)  He had to be assisted walking on and off the stage.  But Al Jardine was there, and fortunately Al has a son named Matt, who can sing ALL of the falsetto parts, and did an amazing job.  Only when Brian tried to sing the lead himself was it a hot mess.  It was a great concert for the most part, sandwiching the Pet Sounds entire album on either end with all of the other Beach Boys hits.  This was their last concert in the 18 month world-wide tour, so it held extra special meaning because Brian Wilson said this tour was his swan song.  It was outdoors, and got pretty brisk, but we were prepared for that, and had a great time.

3.  I suck at football.  Well, everyone sucks at (predicting outcomes this season) football.  League parity has arrived.

4.  Supposed to hit 95 today, 92 tomorrow, and then 88 on Wed.  Somewhere, fall MUST be approaching…

5.  I got another stye, same (left) eye as usual, but this is going to be a whopper.  I’m not feeling any pain, itchiness, or eye watering yet, but it’s red on the inside and the only reason I know it’s there is because it’s actually causing a small lump on the skin below that eye!  Can’t treat it until tonight.  Hope it doesn’t get too bad just because it’s so big.  😦

6.  and yes, some equilibrium problems today.  My own fault, I was scrunched down in a really low, awkward position on the sofa late last night, and when I sat up to go upstairs to bed, I felt it.  Sure enough this morning, too.  I did the ‘maneuvers’ for it, but had my hubbster drive me to work.  Hopefully I caught it early and I’ll be ok to drive tomorrow.  Fingers crossed.

That’s all I got!

Have a great week!

25 thoughts on “Hodge Podge Monday

  1. Marcia

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Nice to have new flowers and check out other blogs. Your politics coincide with mine which is good to read. Hope you're feeling better.


  2. Silver Willow

    Welcome, Marcia! I'll be fine…I'm sure. Been down the road, many times, with both of these issues. They should both resolve within a few days. Thanks! Glad our politics align; sad things have become so polarized that that is now a major issue in most of our relationships…


  3. Ann Thompson

    Thanks for visiting my blog (anns snap edit scrap) Always good to see new faces. My coffee maker was taunting me this morning. I had to go for blood work and so no coffee or food until after I got back.
    Our temps here have been on the cooler side. I dont think it's been higher than the 60's for the past week


  4. Margaret (Peggy or Peg too)

    What is exactly wrong with Brian Wilson? I thought it was drugs but he's been clean and he still seems to be a hot mess. Never cared for his music but they call him a genius. I guess that is all relative isn't it?

    I just gave away a perfectly good silver Cuisinart just because we prefer Keurig. I'd have shipped it to you!! Only used maybe 5 times. Thermal pot too. We gave it away on our neighborhood facebook page for free to a good home 🙂


  5. Silver Willow

    I think the years of drug abuse just took its toll. It usually does. I loved the Beach Boys sounds; not particularly him, but I knew this was my last chance for a Beach Boys concert, so we grabbed it.

    Too bad about your old silver Cuisinart! Hope it finds a good home. 🙂


  6. Granny Annie

    I have added a new blog to my sidebar. It is MY JUXTAPOSED HODGEPODGE. The woman writing it just lost her husband recently and is a younger person in her 40s. Too young to lose her spouse. I though about mentioning her because you were writing hodgepodge. Maybe you can visit her sometime:-)


  7. Jean R.

    I often wonder why old stars who can't sing anymore still tours. Sometimes I think it's because they need the money or maybe because they want that on-stage feeling once more before they hang it up. After all the great music Brian Wilson gave us, he's forgiven for being a “hot mess” at least in my book.


  8. Silver Willow

    Yes, I agree. But hubby refused to give him the standing O(vation) others did after one particularly excruiating butcher of a song. When he wasn't doing solo, they were AWESOME.

    Yes, in general, I've learned that if a singer is over 50, I need to go online and find a youtube cut from a concert of that artist's, within the past year, to determine if they still 'have it', or not. We didn't on this, because it didn't matter this time. We knew it wouldn't be great. 😉


  9. Olga Hebert

    Nothing like a really good cup of coffee in the morning, is there.
    I liked the Beach Boys back in the day althougH I kind of think Brian Wilson was always somewhat of a hot mess.


  10. Arkansas Patti

    Well I learned two things today. That Brian Wilson is still alive and the meaning of Hot Mess. And here I thought it was a compliment. Think my age is showing:)
    Good to know your equilibrium has cleared up and the stye is behaving.


  11. Silver Willow

    LOL, Patti. And thanks! Equilbrium issue was still there this morning, but slight. Perfectly capable of driving. I can still see the outer bump from the stye, and the inner lower lid is very red and swollen on the inside, but that's it. No pain, itching, or tearing…


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