So, I’ve gone and done it, with my husband’s blessings.

I’ve picked my retirement date.



I can’t tell you what a joy it was to actually pick a date!  I knew it was going to be between the end of next year, and 4/1/19 (what date I would have to stay to, to earn any potential 2018 bonus.)  But the company hasn’t been doing so great the past 2 years, after about 3-4 stellar years, so considering all of the physical crap I’ve been going through the past 1.5 years, it’s just not worth me staying on the off chance I get some typical 40-50% of a full bonus.

And since staying to 12/31 of any given year has nothing to do with receiving the bonus, I’d rather be done BEFORE the holidays, not right after.  And since they like us to quit on a Wed. (pay periods are Th.-Wed.), 12/12 seemed like the perfect day!

Hubby is fine with it.

Of course, this all assumes nothing awful happens to me between now and then, forcing me into retirement sooner.  Fingers crossed on that…

I can’t tell you what an instant BURDEN was lifted once I had a firm, agreed-upon date in my head!  (no, I’m not telling anyone at work until about 2 months in advance.  2 months is plenty of notice.)

I mean, I feel so excited, so aimed with laser focus (and related joy!)


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  1. Silver Willow

    Well, I'd like to work up to maybe 10 hours a week; ideally I could tele-commute some of the online portions of my current job, but if that's not possible, I'm not sure. Hobby wise, I have several things in mind:

    1. once we move to AZ (probably within 1 year of my retirement), we are going to get a pool table and I plan to become an old lady pool shark. 🙂

    2. meteorology. I want to delve into the study of weather more than casually.

    3. Craftsman home architecture. I want to delve into studying the history of that.

    4. volunteer work. Ideally at a hospital, except not sure if I want the exposure to that many germs. As a previous child care center director, I know that in time, I would build a super immunity like doctors do (and I did back then), but the first 1-2 years you are at more of a risk for disease, and that might not be a wise idea, so I have to think about that. Perhaps rocking neo-natal infants….but volunteer in some capacity some where.

    My hubby is 16 years younger than me, so I definitely need to find things to not only keep the brain active, but to utilize my time while he's still working 40 hours (although he works from home 4 days a week.) 🙂 Thanks for asking! It's still a work in progress, but I have at least 14 months to consider my options. 🙂


  2. Ann

    Oh how exciting. I dream about retirement but haven't even thought about when it would actually be. I have a few years before I have to think that far ahead. Being that close I would be doing a daily countdown….lol
    Love your new picture for your profile.


  3. Marcia

    I retired in June 2010 and I announced it in August 2009 at the first day back from summer vacation. I was a teacher. Everyone got a thrill as I announced all the things I was doing for the last time through the school year. Enjoy your countdown. And no one from work reads your blog?


  4. Jean R.

    Deciding on when and if to retire is so stressful, I hope it helps your stress level now that you've pulled that cord. Took my husband two years to decide. What a joyous decision. And some of your plans for how to spend your time are sure unique. More power to you! I love craftsman houses too. Signed up for a lecture about them recently.


  5. DJan

    Congratulations on naming a date for your retirement. I'm so much happier in retirement (ten years now) and I hope the same will be true for you. 🙂


  6. Silver Willow

    Nope, no one reads from work. I keep those worlds separated. 🙂 I would like to at least wait until after April of next year; I would prefer not to be known to be a lame duck at the time they do raises for the upcoming (and for me, final) year of work. Want to get the max I can; if they knew I was leaving, they might not, ya know? 🙂


  7. Silver Willow

    Awesome! Yes, it WAS stressful trying to decide when to do it. It was an instant relief once the decision had been made. We always want more money for retirement, but at some point we have to decide if the hassle of that is worth more than the relief to be DONE. For me, that time came.

    There are a couple of good TV shows about restoring older homes, and one about Craftsman in particular. “Restored” on DYI, but it's on hiatus at the moment. 🙂


  8. Jono

    Woohoo! Just knowing the date has to be pretty exciting. I am trying to hold out for another 3-1/2 years if I can. Hope I don't drop in the traces in the meantime.


  9. dkzody

    Because the school district in which I worked allowed retirement at 57 1/2 with 17+ years of work, I knew the exact day I would be retiring, the end of the 2009-2010 school year. I didn't want to leave mid-year like some of the teachers did. It's hard on the kids and the department. I enjoyed the last year, reflecting on each event as the “last” one in my 21 year teaching career. Retirement has been wonderful.


  10. Anonymous

    Because the school district in which I worked allowed retirement at 57 1/2 with 17+ years of work, I knew the exact day I would be retiring, the end of the 2009-2010 school year. I didn't want to leave mid-year like some of the teachers did. It's hard on the kids and the department. I enjoyed the last year, reflecting on each event as the “last” one in my 21 year teaching career. Retirement has been wonderful.


  11. Linda deV


    I can't wait to follow how retirement goes for you. It's a few years off for me but, thus far, I am a little apprehensive. Sounds like you got you've got some unique and fun plans.


  12. Betsy Adams

    How exciting… I am SO happy for you.. Hope it all works out –and hope you stay nice and healthy all through the rest of 2017 and all of 2018—-and BEYOND….Retirement years are WONDERFUL—I KNOW!!!!



  13. Arkansas Patti

    You are going to love retirement. Now all you have to do is get from here to there. Like Kathy said, nothing will bother you now for it all has a time limit. Enjoy the new freedom from concern.


  14. Silver Willow

    You did it the right way, for sure! There are a few reasons (money/raises being the main one)…that I want to hold off on formally announcing it at work. Once I get past April and all that, I might let them know then, or I might still wait until 2 months out.


  15. Silver Willow

    I used to joke, when it was YEARS out, when people would ask me about it, like 'what will you do?', I would laugh and say 'well, I'm going to spend the first six months catching up on SLEEP.' As it got closer, I knew that was an exaggeration. And I've seen many (usually men, whose identity was more caught up in their career position), flounder in retirement, or even up and get super sick and then die shortly thereafter. I wanted to be different. I wanted to find things that interest me that I can then spend time on … reading of course, catching up on some British series I've not had the time to see, but not be a couch potato. I want to learn and challenge myself still in retirement, but in areas that interest ME, no one else. Time to get a little selfish. 🙂

    and thanks!


  16. Silver Willow

    Patti, that's what I'm banking on. Short-timer's mentality. Lots that would previously ruffle my feathers, can now just float on by because it's all so temporary at this point. Nice little inner secret (from bosses and co-workers) for now that I can inwardly snicker over. 😉 Thanks!


  17. Jeanie

    Congratulations. You will be thrilled and so happy. And you may even feel better. When I retired I was very ill. I haven't been sick that way since (Other stuff now and then but not the same). The stress can be a huge factor. You will find you wondered how you ever did what you do “back then” because you are so busy and happy.


  18. Lynda

    That's great that you have a date to look forward to! Retirement age is 65 here in New Zealand but many people choose to work longer. I am technically retired but don't receive any superannuation until age 65. Like you, my partner is younger and still works so there is not so much opportunity to enjoy the freedom of getting away in retirement. My days seem to be filled up with grandchildren at the moment but that will become less and less as the youngest goes to kindergarten and then school 🙂


  19. Silver Willow

    Good for you! I'm not worried about getting away, once I hit retirement. The way the world is, and airports….seriously. I'm really a home body by nature. Always have been.


  20. tammy j

    I have thought you needed to be retired as soon as you were staying so sick!
    for so long!!! you deserve this! FREEDOM! you will love it. there is no way to describe it. it's the most wonderful thing! i'm SO happy for you! XOXO♥


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