Another hobby I want to take up in retirement

…Studying about the Native Americans tribes and history.  I mean, we are moving to Arizona.  Plenty of history and current stuff going on re Native Americans…including the fact that if I can’t still play daily fantasy football there by then, it will be their fault.  (LOL-not holding it against them.  Much…)

No, seriously.  I am fascinated.  I caught a glimpse of a book about our mistreatment of them when we were at the Presidio in SF this summer.  I almost bought it but I really prefer reading on my Kindle now, not traditional books.  But so much on this subject available to me.  I want to take advantage of that.

So one more item to add to this growing list of retirement hobbies to pursue:

1.  studying meteorology (weather.)
2.  learning to play pool.  Good.
3.  studying home architecture, with an emphasis in the Craftsman style.
4.  study the history of Native Americans.
5.  do volunteer work of some nature.
6.  work up to 10 hours a week, if it’s something I can do at home on the pc.  If not, nah, unless money becomes tight.

Yep, this is fun.  Of course there will be lots of reading for pure pleasure, and catching up on movies and intelligent tv series I never got around to.  And lots of exercise in the pool that will be at our home.  That is near the top of the home wish list; if I’m giving up the ocean, I want to look out my back windows/sliding doors and see blue water.  🙂

If you are retired, what do you enjoy doing now to fill your time and keep your mind active?  Besides blogging, of course?  🙂

33 thoughts on “Another hobby I want to take up in retirement

  1. Jean R.

    You would love my house. I have a couple of dozen books on Native Americans and lots of Native American art work. You will be find you new “hobby” fascinating and a little sad, what we've done to them.


  2. Marie Smith

    Volunteer work is great, SW. There is much to chose from too. Photography and writing are important to me now as well. Hiking is important especially, as it gives me a sense of well being that is hard to match otherwise.


  3. Granny Annie

    I love the expression you have given us. Carpe Emeritus! Ron loved retirement and was always put out by people who continued to work past retirement years. He always wanted to write a book on how to retire. He certainly did that well.


  4. Margaret (Peggy or Peg too)

    I love that you love weather.
    If I were to retire I would want enough $$$$ to travel a bit before I worry about anything else. I will never not be busy, that just isn't who I am. But I think I know what I'd want to do, however, life happens so who knows.


  5. Silver Willow

    Photography is probably to be added to the list as well, although I'm finding I'm not quite as obsessed about it as I used to be. I don't know why it's dropped off my radar, but it has. Who knows though?


  6. Silver Willow

    I WOULD love it, I'm sure! Back in the late 80's or 90's, I was really 'into' the 'soft southwestern' decor (as I called it.) The pastel blues and dusty pink with Native American flare that was popular at the time. I'm sure I'll get back into that, and harmonize it with the beachy look I love. The colors are very similar… 🙂 And I LOVE Native American art! A LOT.


  7. Silver Willow

    I have a bunion that doesn't allow much strenous walking, although I love it otherwise. As I mentioned above to Anvil….I was 'addicted' to photography from my teens all through my adult years, until about 10 years ago. Then it has kind of died off. I think because my vision isn't as great as it used to be. I don't know. And yes, volunteer work is definitely going to be something I get into. I lean towards children (always have), and animals, but I will enjoy exploring all possibilities once we get settled in AZ. 🙂


  8. Silver Willow

    There are several places I would REALLY love to visit, but the world is in such turmoil, and I'm still fractured from my horrible last experience at O'Hare; just not sure if I want to do much more distance travel, frankly. And / but yes, life happens. One is guaranteed nothing but the present.


  9. dkzody

    Travel has never interested me as I do not like being a tourist.

    I enjoy building relationships with people. I have done this through church work and with the school chaplaincy. I also give tours at a historical site in town that allows me to interact with a variety of people.

    I love social media and do some of that every day. Again, more relationship building.


  10. Anonymous

    Travel has never interested me as I do not like being a tourist. I enjoy building relationships with people. I have done this through church work and with the school chaplaincy. I also give tours at a historical site in town that allows me to interact with a variety of people. I love social media and do some of that every day. Again, more relationship building.


  11. Silver Willow

    I have enjoyed traveling, and would enjoy doing more to certain destinations, but travel is a mess now, and I spent the better part of 48 hours at O'Hare the last time I flew anywhere, and I would not ever want to re-live that experience. Between that and terror attacks, yeah, not so much. I'm a happy homebody. 🙂


  12. Lynda

    My grandkids fill much of my time but I know as they get older, that will change. I have a daughter who NEEDS help due to her boys having issues (ie one autistic and the other on the spectrum somewhere). I always said I'd do voluntary work and hopefully one day I will. I do love to travel but (like you) am more wary of overseas situations etc. I'm more into cruising and pacific island holidays but won't rule out another trip to Italy 🙂

    One thing that will amaze you when you retire – you will wonder how you ever got time to work! Seriously, I am “busy” all day and never have a bored or dull moment.


  13. Christine

    Great ideas here, most retired and stay at home people like myself seem to keep very busy! I have developed a routine as I like routines…exercise class, groceries, cooking, meeting up with friends, house chores, paying bills


  14. Arkansas Patti

    The beauty of the new hobbies, if they are a hit, wonderful, if they are a miss, no big deal, just move on. Gardening became my passion when I retired. The amazing thing is with all the supposed free time, you will find yourself pushed to get all done. Think we take longer to do what we use to.


  15. tammy j

    I was given the 23 and me DNA thing from my brother.
    it has made me want to study our family history. I thought I would tackle that this winter.
    I have also enjoyed studying and researching tiny houses. I even tried my hand at designing a few. it was fun. I doubt I'll ever be able to have one… not even sure I would want it but I like reading about them and seeing what people do.
    and I read read read. and my reading is eclectic. I'm interested in everything!


  16. Silver Willow

    I suspect you are right! Although I think for a few weeks, at the very least, I'm really going to enjoy just being lazy and catching up on sleep. (well, the first few weeks AFTER the holidays. LOL)


  17. Silver Willow

    I am very OCD, but I think I'm going to rebel and spend some time avoiding routines at first. Just 'chillaxing', as the word that comes to mind. (chilling out, relaxing.) 🙂


  18. Silver Willow

    Exactly! I used to enjoy gardening, but let's face it, half the year in AZ it will be too hot to spend much daytime out in the heat.

    And I agree, once there is no deadlines, I'm sure I'll slow down a lot. Plus just the aging thing, too… 😉


  19. Silver Willow

    I've enjoyed watching a few episodes of the tiny house shows, but I know my claustrophobia would never allow me to live in a tiny house. Nope.

    I am still behind in my Kindle reading. But those (mostly free) books aren't going anywhere! 🙂


  20. Kay

    Blogging really is what keeps my mind active, but I also make those rather detailed photobooks for us and the kids. We also travel for new experiences. I enjoy Zumba and tai chi too which is good for keeping in shape.


  21. DJan

    I tell people that I used to work, but now I just work out! I go to the gym four days a week and also spend every Thursday on a hike with the Senior Trailblazers, rain or shine. Today it's rain. 🙂


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