Throwback Thursday

Circa 1987…(yikes!  30 years ago!!)

Two photos of me and my daughters when we (with their dad, too)….went to Hawaii…the one and only time the four of us went there together.  ETA:  I take that back.  The older one went to UH-Hilo for one year, and we all went back when we took her back for the start of that year.  DOH!   The oldest daughter was 13, the younger 11.  We had a blast!

Oh, how I long for the thick hair I had back then, at age 36…..probably the best tan I ever had, too.  Being of Scotch-Irish-English descent, it was usually burn-peel for me.  I had to work VERY slowly to develop this kind of tan.

And no, the oldest wasn’t being sullen.  Just a poor snap by the husband.

This next picture, us girls were on these rubber (plastic) rafts at the Hilton Hawaiian Village’s lagoon.  And I LOVED it.  Probably the best afternoon of my life!  I don’t swim, but the lagoon was self-contained, and not deep at all, so we could just float without a care in the world, and we did.  Just taking off from the ‘shore’ here.  Such a wonderful memory!!!

Have you ever been to Hawaii?  With family?  What are your best memories of that or any other specific family trip?

32 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday

  1. Sue

    Precious photos! Never been to Hawaii but I have some similar photos and happy memories from a holiday in the Bahamas with our two daughters when I had just turned 40.


  2. coffeeontheporchwithme

    I love these photos! We went to the Dominican Republic when the kids were quite young, and to Cuba a few years later. We are hoping to go on one more trip, all four of us, this Christmas before they are too old and working, married, moved away… We aren't sure where yet. (fabulous black bathing suit in the raft picture, by the way) -Jenn


  3. Olga Hebert

    I have never been to Hawaii. It certainly looks inviting, but the Bahamas are so much easier if one lives on the east coast and has a week off in the winter to escape snow and ice for a bit. Lovely pics of the three of you.


  4. Christine

    I did visit Hawaii a few years ago and stayed at that same resort with my hubby and kids. We had a fabulous time! I remember we saw some penguins at the resort. Beautiful pics of you and your girls.


  5. Linda deV

    Surprised the kids with packed bags ready to leave when they were 5, 8, 10 and 13. Had a great time….surfed, swam, catamaraned and took it easy. It was a fabulous trip and I'd go back quick as lightening given the chance.

    Fun pictures….you've got great hair.


  6. Arkansas Patti

    Loved the pictures. That has to be a fist full of great memories for all of you. Lucky you and no–I have never been. Spent a lot of time in my youth in Key West. Similar island life with out the cool mountains, sweet mucic and grass skirts.


  7. Lynda

    I've been to Hawaii twice – first time in 1990 then again the following year with my daughter, then husband and stepdaughter. We did the Elvis show twice and also went on sailing ships off the coast. We snorkelled and had a great time. I'm sure we'll go back again one day as the airfares from New Zealand are pretty reasonable these days.


  8. Silver Willow

    The first time we flew into Maui, as the plane was descending, and we could see the island close up, but still in the air, I had such a complete and utter sense of my SOUL coming HOME. Ever since, I have said that my soul lives in Maui. I truly believe it. I could never travel again to anywhere but Maui, and I'd be a happy woman. I hope I get back there again some day…but I've been blessed with over a half dozen trips to Maui, so I can't complain if I never get there again. 🙂


  9. Silver Willow

    That's awesome, and thanks! But my hair is thinner now (bangs are thin, but the rest is still thick enough), and decidedly white/silver/gray. (I stopped coloring about 3-4 years ago.) 🙂


  10. Lynda

    Oh sorry, the impersonators – there is always an Elvis show on in Hawaii (well there was both times I went). I wish I'd seen the real Elvis though 🙂


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