Most hated Halloween candy

Everyone wants to be the cool house on Halloween. But if you hand out bad candy, all the great decorations and spooky music in the world won’t save you from eggs and toilet paper.
To find out which candies people hate the most, bulk candy retailer  looked at 10 years of sales data and 12 independent “best” and “worst” candy rankings, and surveyed 40,000 people. After crunching the numbers, they came out with a definitive list of the worst candies to find in your Halloween haul.
Stay safe, and avoid these 10 terrible “treats.”

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10. Mary Janes

These chewy peanut butter candies look decidedly old, and not in a fun, retro way. Kids will look at these yellow and red wrappers and think you bought your candy from the antique mall. The flavor isn’t even particularly good, either. They’re like peanut butter-flavored Bit O’Honey, and eating one is like having peanut butter stuck to the roof of your mouth.

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9. Good & Plenty

Good & Plenty is a licorice candy, and kids hate licorice so much it’s on the list twice. The colorful candy shells of Good & Plenty are almost a mean trick, because they disguise the licorice. A kid thinks they’re getting a piece of candy, and then as soon as they take a bite they go, “Ugh, licorice!” Good & Plenty is a good candy to hand out if your goal is to troll some children.

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8. Black Licorice

This is about black licorice, not red licorice. Kids love Twizzlers and Red Vines, but handing out black licorice at Halloween is a quick way to become the most hated house on the block. Adults might like black licorice; it’s a sophisticated flavor, and many people acquire the taste with age, like they do for things like dark chocolate, espresso, and whiskey. Kids tend to think it’s weird and bitter.

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7. Smarties

These crunchy little candies are cute and lively, and their fruit flavors are all distinctly different. Something about the little roll they come in just feels special, and it’s fun to watch them roll across the table. The problem with Smarties is that one roll of Smarties is fun, but it’s tough to eat more than that, and kids will get 10,000 rolls of Smarties in their Halloween bags. In Canada, these are called Rockets.

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6. Tootsie Rolls

Tootsie Rolls are tiny and chewy and they look like they should taste like chocolate, but they don’t, and that’s cruel. Tootsie Rolls are not the worst candy, but they’re pretty boring, and Halloween is not the time to be boring.

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5. Peanut Butter Kisses

You’ve definitely seen these things, but you might not have known they had an actual name. These are big chunks of what looks like peanut butter-flavored taffy, and they come in plain black and orange wrappers. They’re ubiquitous at Halloween, but they’re mainly useful as a calendar-keeping tool: When a kid’s trick-or-treat bag has nothing left in it but these uneaten orange and black things, fall is officially over.

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4. Necco Wafers

Necco Wafers must have been designed for kids who want eat sidewalk chalk. They’re basically huge, flat, powdery Smarties with flavors like licorice, clove, and cinnamon. These candies were popular in the 19th century, but we have better candy now.

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3. Wax Cola Bottles

These always seem like such a great idea. Biting into a tiny wax cola bottle to get a mouth full of the “cola” sounds like tremendous fun, but it’s really just a squirt of sugar water, then you have a mouth full of chewed-up wax. The novelty of these wears off fast.

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2. Candy Corn

The second-most-hated candy in America is also the most divisive. A lot of people really, really hate candy corn, which is how it got to the number-two spot on this list. But candy corn’s defenders are passionate about all the great qualities of their favorite candy. Candy corn is really just sugar, shaped into a little triangle, but it still gets points for festivity. Nothing says Halloween like a big bowl of candy corn.

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1. Circus Peanuts

Candy corn inspires intense debate, but nobody is debating the merits of the circus peanut. These are by far the most-hated candy in America. Nothing about a circus peanut makes sense. It’s a chewy orange marshmallow shaped like a peanut, and for some inexplicable reason it tastes like banana. Why would a peanut taste like a banana? This is what would happen if you asked a space alien to invent a fun new candy for human children.
I love a good handful of Candy Corn, and I’ve always liked Good n Plenty.  So sue me.  LOL  What about you?

37 thoughts on “Most hated Halloween candy

  1. Sharon Qualls

    For myself, I like Circus Peanuts and Necco wafers. I don't hand them out though. Usually it was miniature candy bars and big suckers like blow-pops. That was when we lived closer to people, Ha Ha. We have been in this house 12 years now and nary a trick or treat kid here.


  2. Catalyst

    I love Candy Corn and Good & Plenty but we always hand out some kind of Hershey's products. Because we get few trick or treaters and I get all that great candy after Halloween.

    For the record, I can gross out on black licorice jelly beans but their hard to find these days.


  3. Silver Willow

    We have very similar candy tastes! We used to get candy we didn't like for Halloween, so we wouldn't be tempted, but last couple of years we get what we like for same reason as you. Hehehe


  4. Silver Willow

    Lol. I love black licorice but haven't had it for years because it is a laxative. Love a good soft red vine though…just this past year the chemicals in them make them intolerable. Sad.grim.pathetic.


  5. BootsandBraids

    I'm surprised to see Tootsie Rolls on the list. I use to love when I'd take my girls trick or treating and they'd get Tootsie Rolls. We'd dump everything out later, so I could go through and check everything was safe and I'd sneak their Tootsie Rolls for myself. #badmom


  6. coffeeontheporchwithme

    This was a fun post. I don't recognize some of these (and yes, in Canada, we call them rockets). I completely agree that tootsie rolls are hideous. Believe it or not, I wouldn't say no to candy corn or rockets! In fact, I even bought some rockets to hand out at Hallowe'en, but I also bought little chocolate bars and something disgusting like skittles (that's so I won't eat them!). -Jenn


  7. Margaret (Peggy or Peg too)

    I like almost all of these, so I'm old an pathetic it seems. I am the only person in America who loves circus peanuts. They have wheat in them so I can't have them anymore but my husband would bribe me with them so I would go with him to that damn Bass Pro Shop. You see they always have them there. I'm pitiful aren't I? But c'mon tootsie rolls are da bomb!
    Oh well I give out full size reese cups, kitkats and twix this year. Only full size, I hate those “fun size” fun? they are a bite, that isn't fun!!


  8. Arkansas Patti

    I really like three of those. Mary Jane originals–haven't seen them in ages, Twizzlers, and Tootsie Rolls. Tootsie Rolls are in my car emergency stash in case I slide off the road and get stuck in a snow bank. Living in the country, I rarely get trick or treaters. For the few I get, I keep rolls of quarters on hand and toss 4 in each of their bags. That way I am not stuck with a bunch of candy I'd just be forced to eat:)


  9. Jeanie

    I could have a whole bag of tootsie rolls. They are my favorite. I hide them in the cat treat tin. My dad's fave was the necco wafers and I HATED those. I know every kid did, too!


  10. Anvilcloud

    Ah. those Smarties are American Smarties, not good Canadian Smarties, which are much like M&Ms. I think Britain and Australia etc have Smarties similar to ours. Poor Americans. 🙂


  11. My name is Erika.

    Your candy list would get a gold star by my husband. You and he have a lot of the same favorites. Me, I'm more a chocolate girl, but I can appreciate those sweets. Hope it's a great Halloween. Hugs-Erika


  12. Granny Annie

    Kids these days don't know what is good. Circus peanuts, Necco wafers, Tootsie Rolls were among my favorites. I am also a licorice fan. Think I'll go searching for these candies.


  13. Silver Willow

    I like Reeses big cups. Hubby loves Kitkats and Twix. He bought Twix, too. And you are a good neighbor buying full size! I'd go broke doing that for all of our trick or treaters. But we have great weather here, so we get tons of kids. Although last years was the lowest amount ever.


  14. Silver Willow

    Not MY list, Erika. I found this article and just re-posted it. My list would be entirely different. My go-to chocolate is Hershey's milk chocolate nuggets, and mini Heath bars. I can avoid pretty much everything else. I used to love milk chocolate and nuts, but I can't tolerate nuts anymore, so my list is way down.


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