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Such a lovely day!

First off, the weather was AMAZING.  About 80 degrees, but a nice cool breeze.

We started off by going to lunch, because Luke’s party was at 4 so we weren’t sure if there would be anything besides dessert.  (I forgot to ask.) 

Then we went to Jack’s soccer game (Luke’s older brother.)  Jack scored 2 of his team’s 5 goals, and they won 5-1.  They have not been defeated, and have won all games except for one that they tied.  It was great!  I’m so proud of him!

The party was a lot of fun.  Ends up they did have pizza…and Luke isn’t a dessert or cake person, so they had gotten 3 boxes of donuts, and Luke blew out his candle in a donut.  And the little stinker I think now owns every Incredible Hulk toy on the market.  LOL

All in all, a great day!  Here are a few photos.  I have a huge smile on my face.

Here’s a Hulk mask that was one of the gifts we got him. Clearly a big score.  🙂

They always do a pinata for the boys.  Birthday boy gets first hits.  Luke took it VERY serious this year.  LOL
All of the other younger kids waiting for their turn at the pinata…
And Luke with his birthday donut.  Silly boy.  LOL  (me, I’m a birthday pie kind of girl, so who am I to talk…)
No, that’s not Luke’s Coors Light in the background.  Not sure who it belonged to.  hehehe.  🙂

5 years old!

My youngest grandson turns 5 today.  The family party for him is tomorrow/Saturday.  I can’t believe he’s already five, but he’s finally coming out of a shyness stage and is now all boy.  And I’m completely partial but I think he is THE cutest little boy!!!

Here is his sweet life in photos:

I remember this sweet little autumn colors knit hat that the hospital gave him.  🙂

Yep,  we breed well.  LOL
Happy birthday, sweet Luke!!!  Grammy loves you to the moon and back!

Throwback Thursday

Circa 1987…(yikes!  30 years ago!!)

Two photos of me and my daughters when we (with their dad, too)….went to Hawaii…the one and only time the four of us went there together.  ETA:  I take that back.  The older one went to UH-Hilo for one year, and we all went back when we took her back for the start of that year.  DOH!   The oldest daughter was 13, the younger 11.  We had a blast!

Oh, how I long for the thick hair I had back then, at age 36…..probably the best tan I ever had, too.  Being of Scotch-Irish-English descent, it was usually burn-peel for me.  I had to work VERY slowly to develop this kind of tan.

And no, the oldest wasn’t being sullen.  Just a poor snap by the husband.

This next picture, us girls were on these rubber (plastic) rafts at the Hilton Hawaiian Village’s lagoon.  And I LOVED it.  Probably the best afternoon of my life!  I don’t swim, but the lagoon was self-contained, and not deep at all, so we could just float without a care in the world, and we did.  Just taking off from the ‘shore’ here.  Such a wonderful memory!!!

Have you ever been to Hawaii?  With family?  What are your best memories of that or any other specific family trip?

Another hobby I want to take up in retirement

…Studying about the Native Americans tribes and history.  I mean, we are moving to Arizona.  Plenty of history and current stuff going on re Native Americans…including the fact that if I can’t still play daily fantasy football there by then, it will be their fault.  (LOL-not holding it against them.  Much…)

No, seriously.  I am fascinated.  I caught a glimpse of a book about our mistreatment of them when we were at the Presidio in SF this summer.  I almost bought it but I really prefer reading on my Kindle now, not traditional books.  But so much on this subject available to me.  I want to take advantage of that.

So one more item to add to this growing list of retirement hobbies to pursue:

1.  studying meteorology (weather.)
2.  learning to play pool.  Good.
3.  studying home architecture, with an emphasis in the Craftsman style.
4.  study the history of Native Americans.
5.  do volunteer work of some nature.
6.  work up to 10 hours a week, if it’s something I can do at home on the pc.  If not, nah, unless money becomes tight.

Yep, this is fun.  Of course there will be lots of reading for pure pleasure, and catching up on movies and intelligent tv series I never got around to.  And lots of exercise in the pool that will be at our home.  That is near the top of the home wish list; if I’m giving up the ocean, I want to look out my back windows/sliding doors and see blue water.  🙂

If you are retired, what do you enjoy doing now to fill your time and keep your mind active?  Besides blogging, of course?  🙂


So, I’ve gone and done it, with my husband’s blessings.

I’ve picked my retirement date.



I can’t tell you what a joy it was to actually pick a date!  I knew it was going to be between the end of next year, and 4/1/19 (what date I would have to stay to, to earn any potential 2018 bonus.)  But the company hasn’t been doing so great the past 2 years, after about 3-4 stellar years, so considering all of the physical crap I’ve been going through the past 1.5 years, it’s just not worth me staying on the off chance I get some typical 40-50% of a full bonus.

And since staying to 12/31 of any given year has nothing to do with receiving the bonus, I’d rather be done BEFORE the holidays, not right after.  And since they like us to quit on a Wed. (pay periods are Th.-Wed.), 12/12 seemed like the perfect day!

Hubby is fine with it.

Of course, this all assumes nothing awful happens to me between now and then, forcing me into retirement sooner.  Fingers crossed on that…

I can’t tell you what an instant BURDEN was lifted once I had a firm, agreed-upon date in my head!  (no, I’m not telling anyone at work until about 2 months in advance.  2 months is plenty of notice.)

I mean, I feel so excited, so aimed with laser focus (and related joy!)


Hodge Podge Monday

Today’s post will be a little bit of this, a little bit of that….

1.  found the coffee pot I wanted.  Nice Cuisinart model, that I got 20% off of, at Bed, Bath & Beyond.  Very pretty brushed silver front, too.  I’m so over black plastic.  (top of lid and inside is fine, but not on what one sees on the counter…)  Coffee tastes great this morning.  Back to normal on that front.

2.  We went and saw the Brian Wilson Performs Pet Sounds concert Saturday night.  We had misread where it was being held; fortunately we discovered that on Friday night, so we were able to adjust our plans and route and got there fine.  I gotta say, Brian Wilson is a hot MESS, and can’t hit a note. (vocally.)  He had to be assisted walking on and off the stage.  But Al Jardine was there, and fortunately Al has a son named Matt, who can sing ALL of the falsetto parts, and did an amazing job.  Only when Brian tried to sing the lead himself was it a hot mess.  It was a great concert for the most part, sandwiching the Pet Sounds entire album on either end with all of the other Beach Boys hits.  This was their last concert in the 18 month world-wide tour, so it held extra special meaning because Brian Wilson said this tour was his swan song.  It was outdoors, and got pretty brisk, but we were prepared for that, and had a great time.

3.  I suck at football.  Well, everyone sucks at (predicting outcomes this season) football.  League parity has arrived.

4.  Supposed to hit 95 today, 92 tomorrow, and then 88 on Wed.  Somewhere, fall MUST be approaching…

5.  I got another stye, same (left) eye as usual, but this is going to be a whopper.  I’m not feeling any pain, itchiness, or eye watering yet, but it’s red on the inside and the only reason I know it’s there is because it’s actually causing a small lump on the skin below that eye!  Can’t treat it until tonight.  Hope it doesn’t get too bad just because it’s so big.  😦

6.  and yes, some equilibrium problems today.  My own fault, I was scrunched down in a really low, awkward position on the sofa late last night, and when I sat up to go upstairs to bed, I felt it.  Sure enough this morning, too.  I did the ‘maneuvers’ for it, but had my hubbster drive me to work.  Hopefully I caught it early and I’ll be ok to drive tomorrow.  Fingers crossed.

That’s all I got!

Have a great week!

Blade Runner 2049 (spoiler free post)

We went and saw Blade Runner 2049 last night, but I suppose I should back up; we rented the original Blade Runner last weekend, so we could refresh in our minds the story.  It was a really wise thing for us to do.  I don’t think this new version/sequel (because it totally uses the story from the first to help build the 2nd, now 30 years in the future from the first.)….would’ve been quite  as enjoyable, if I hadn’t re-seen the first one first.  Perhaps, but maybe not.  Having recently seen the original definitely enhanced the sequel.  (could you ‘get’ the storyline if you hadn’t seen the original recently or at all?  Yes.  They explain it.)

That said, this version FAR, FAR outdid the first.  Well I appreciated how avante garde the first one was, in it’s time…now, all these years/decades later, it seems a tad stale.  Still innovative, but just still somehow dated.

This version…well, WOW WOW WOW.  Although very long (over 2.5 hours), there wasn’t a nano-second of boredom or aimlessness.  Every second was used to it’s fullest, and so much of it for the visual POW of the cinematographer and set designer, and yes, even the grab you and won’t let you go sound/soundtrack.  (which was a slow build but then WOW.)

Even the storyline, by far, was more captivating than the original.  You really went along with Ryan Gosling’s character on the quest he was on.  You felt what he felt, you weren’t just a witness.

I shouldn’t gush about this film, but this was an amazing film, not just a movie.  It puts you in the middle of a bizarre future world, that although extremely bleak, is just so darned fascinating.  This has Oscars in so many categories written all over it.

But do yourself a favor and rent the first one first, if you can.