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Sexual harrassment

Al Franken is accused of groping breasts of multiple women.

Matt Lauer is accused of sending a sex toy to a female co-worker and explaining to her in detail how he wanted her to use it.  Of taking his penis out of his pants in front of a female co-worker.  Of having, for God’s sake, a button on the underside of his office desk, that he could push and have his door lock instantly without him getting up, so he could do whatever he wanted without fear of being interrupted.

The list goes on and on.

These are men who use their fame and status to abuse women.

It’s not the same as a couple of people semi-innocently flirting.

Not the same at all.

I don’t get how people don’t get that.

I get how men, especially, get in a position of power, and think they are above reproach.  That any human being, especially a female, should be lucky to have them interested in them.  Who frankly are lucky to breathe the same air as these men.  Clearly, it happens frequently.  More frequently in those circles than we wanted to know about.  I truly believe it’s mostly the result of such an extreme inequality in power.  They know/knew it was a he said/she said thing, and they were the powerful moguls; who would dare challenge them?  So they got away with it.

Hell, it’s still going on in the White House.  That Man has had 16 public complaints about him, and nothing.  Call him Teflon Man, because nothing (so far) is sticking.

But don’t call this political correctedness.  This is correcting bad situations that never should’ve happened in the first place.  To call this political correctedness is another, latent/passive form of victim-shaming.  There is SUCH a huge difference between these acts, and political correctedness…I can’t even…

Now I need to step away for a bit.  This just pisses me off to no end.

A Turquoise Christmas

Well, here we go.  If it looks like some photos are duplicates; they aren’t…it’s just as the light changed from afternoon to evening, it looked different, so I took other photos.  Bear with me.  I love my decorations.  LOL

This first picture is more for the decor on the coffee table, not so much the tree…

 Rodney Reindeer!  Who remember them?  Anyone else still have any?

The tree by daylight…

Mom gave me this beautiful, Italian nativity set.

An ornament hubby thought he’d never live to see…

I simply love her….

A new ornament this year.  Recognize him?

The tree by night (you can see the reflection of the blue outdoor lights, too)….

Love my Rhonda Reindeers, too.  Gosh, they are decades old!

Black Friday and me

When they started building indoor/enclosed malls here in Southern California, I learned that I am truly claustrophobic.  From Black Friday until the first of the year, I cannot shop at a mall on the weekends.  I get dizzy and clammy and feel I’m going to pass out, and it’s all the people.  I can handle arenas and stadiums, but not closed malls.

So, I avoid the malls today like the plague.  If I buy anything, it’s online.  (although that’s what Cyber Monday is for.)

Nope, today is the day we start our two-day mass decor switch to Xmas.  About 2 years ago, it became too much for me to do in one day.  So now one day is the tree, and one day is the rest of the house.  Generally he gets all the boxes out today and sets up the tree itself, then works on the outdoor lights.  I decorate the rest of the inside of the house today, and do the tree tomorrow.  Capped by a glass of wine or champagne tomorrow night, my favorite xmas music blaring, no lights but the tree lights on, as my official welcome to the Christmas season.

p.s.  To those of you new to me/my blog, I discovered a few years ago I really hate red and green together.  When my husband put a big box of our indoor decorations away a few years ago, he (stupidly) put a wet door mat on top, then sealed the plastic bin.  Well, 11 months later when I opened it, everything was irretrievably moldly. so I had to start over.  It gave me pause to think about what I really wanted, since he was so wracked with guilt and giving me $$ carte blanche.  (LOL)  I decided I liked turquoise and deep plum.  And white.  So that’s what I changed everything over to.  I will post pictures once it’s all done.

Have a great weekend!  (we had a fabulous Thanksgiving with both daughters, their husbands, and our grandsons.)