The past year, in review

The first three months, I was despondent.

The second three months, I was angry.

The third three months, I tried to hide.

Now in the fourth three months, I’m FIGHTING.

I firmly believe that part of the reason I developed ulcerative colitis at the ripe old age of 65, is because of the entire GOP.  It’s been a process of diagnosis, and then learning about the disease, and my particular triggers, and adjustments.

But through it all, the same can be said about my political activism.  I’ve been going through phases since the election nearly exactly a year ago….emotionally and physically.  Most importantly, learning how to reconcile the two together without risking my health.  I’m still not fully there.  But I have learned things.

I’ve learned I might have to compartmentalize my political beliefs and passions.  For my health, foremost.  For my relationships, secondarily.  Although I won’t suck wind entirely with loved ones that are on the other end of the political spectrum.  It’s a learning process.  But I believe the days of ‘don’t talk politics’ are dead.  Trump won’t allow it.  “It”, being silence.  Silence is complicity.

But I have to weigh that with my health concerns.  So I hit periods of ‘I just can’t’…and I retreat and rejuvenate and heal.  Then I feel stronger again, and I forge back in.  Wash, rinse, repeat.  It’s a learning process for all of us, I suspect.

I know I can’t shut up about how evil this regime is…entirely.  It would be like asking me to give up chocolate forever.

So I pace myself.  I pick and choose my battles.  I compartmentalize where I bring up politics, and where I don’t.

I choose to do most of my politics on Twitter.  It might not be achieving much, but it feels right for me.  I will try to minimize it here, because it can be divisive, and I’m tired of blogging divisiveness.  That won’t mean there won’t be posts here and there on the subject, but this blog won’t revolve around politics.

So that’s where I stand today.  I wonder where the fifth 3 months will take me…

29 thoughts on “The past year, in review

  1. Jean R.

    There are so many of us having the same dilemma on how much and where is the right time and place to fight the evil and dangerous #45. My favorite place is a message board for political discord where you can debate anonymously. I usually feel better when I've out smarted a Trump supporter, even if they won't admit my facts are real and they're are made up.


  2. Ann

    Choosing your battles is a good way to go. Some things are just too important to stay quiet and others just aren't worth the words.


  3. LL Cool Joe

    There have been so many things in my life during the last few years that have upset or angered me, and it was slowly killing me, so I've learnt to compartmentalise my emotions. I've also been practising mindfulness and I know I'm in a much better place now.

    Also there are certain things we can get really upset about but don't really have the power to change, I'd rather stay healthy so I'm able to change the things I can do something about. Your health should always come first.


  4. tammy j

    i'm with 'catalyst'… if only.
    but I think it is eventually going to culminate into that.
    either/or nuclear war.
    and I somehow have to feel in spite of all the idiotic playground rhetoric in washington… there are some SANE heads behind the scenes.
    I'm glad you have your place in it figured out. being sick is serious business.
    anyway as sick as you get with your particular problem. it should come first in priority! just ask your beloved other half!!! XO♥


  5. Margaret-whiteangel

    It's a real blessing to have ones health, it's so much easier to manage day to day life.
    As for Trump from a distance, some distance at that we don't know the half of what he's up to, or trying to get up to.
    Noticed your previous post, clocks – we put ours forward first Sunday in October – that is what happens when you live on the other side of the world! 🙂


  6. Olga Hebert

    If nothing else, the past election was a boon to all sorts of medical professionals.
    Drain the swamp — HA! He's got such a massive hair clog down that drain we might all drown.


  7. Arkansas Patti

    I realized my anger was not doing a thing to him but was doing nasty things to me. I have had to pull away and like you–pick my battles–those I might have a chance of influencing. We will see.


  8. Janie Junebug

    I'm sorry. I didn't mean to worry or upset you. I had a very bad case of the flu, but I think physical problems can become much worse when we are off kilter emotionally.


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