RIP, John Hillerman

Very sad that he has passed.  I really enjoyed his character/acting in Magnum P.I.

That said, it was a great excuse to post a picture of sexy Magnum P.I.  LOL

(I’m old, I’m not dead.)  :p

14 thoughts on “RIP, John Hillerman

  1. Margaret (Peggy or Peg too)

    I only watched 2 whole episodes of Magnum. The first time on a trip to visit a friend in Orange County and the 2nd because I was sick in bed and nothing else was on. Funny though I do remember him as a fussy type character and found him funny against “magnum's” type.


  2. tammy j

    next to magnum he was my favorite.
    i'm sorry to hear this. I hadn't read or heard about it anywhere.
    all I've read in the past said that the magnum crew and stars were extremely close.
    I always liked that about them.


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