Religion and Trump

I don’t get it.  I’m a Christian.  The Christian faith I know is for love.  Love is the cornerstone of Christianity.  (and an abiding belief in Jesus Christ.)

It doesn’t stand for:

  • pedophilia
  • taking money from the less fortunate and giving it to the wealthiest
  • building walls to keep out people of a different color or faith
  • NOT giving to those less fortunate (especially the innocent/children)
  • believing in and promoting hate and fear

So I just don’t get this far-right support of Donald Trump, or hatred of people of color, or the mindset that it’s okay to oppose death via abortion, but don’t give a cent to help a child AFTER it’s born if it has to come from tax money.

I don’t understand supporting a man with well-collaborated accusations of pedophilia, for a Senate seat, rather than allow a well qualified person from the Democratic party…to win. Let alone elect a President who has been caught on tape laughing about grabbing a woman by the pussy.  Who thinks it’s okay to walk into the dressing room of women changing clothes at a beauty pageant.  Who openly threatens war against a mad-man dictator already playing with nuclear weapons of destruction.  Who calls white supremacists “fine people”.  Who sides with a horrid Russian president over his own FBI, CIA, or NSA.  The list could go on and on.

I don’t understand anything at ALL about supporting Donald Trump.  I get the ‘wanting a shake up’….I don’t get voting for someone without a shred of decency or experience to be President.  Which they KNEW about, prior to the election.  It shows to me a complete lack of respect for our country, our Constitution, and our Bill of Rights.  FAR more unpatriotic than kneeling for the national anthem, which never DID have ANYTHING to do with the military.

And I certainly have NO understanding why ANYONE would hide under the protection of Christianity to support someone with very credible, multiple accusations of pedophilia.   AT ALL.  I think it’s a ruse, and I think that they have black souls.  (if souls at all.) I’m sick to death of people using their religions to hide behind their evil, soulless personas.  Christianity has no more to do with pedophilia than atheism does.  Fact is, it should be FAR, FAR less.  Let’s not blame the faith, and instead blame the sick, twisted fucks who hide behind it.  Sorry for the potty mouth, but the blasphemy that is raging with the alt-right is obscene!

I’m not going to be silent about it.  Being silent is being complicit.

27 thoughts on “Religion and Trump

  1. Jean R.

    Love that bumper sticker, Margaret.

    From listening to some of the Trump supporters I know they get ALL their “news” from places like FOX and Brietbart and they literally don't see or believe anything those radial right-wing sources don't spoon feed them. They take pride in the fact the Trump upsets us liberals which I don't get AT ALL! Government is about compromise, or at least it should be.


  2. Should Fish More

    Then get out and vote, people. in 2018, in 2020, and beyond. Get involved locally, school boards, community elections. That's how they did it. They started 2 decades ago, that's how they have control of over 30 states, and the nation. Despite the fact that Hillary got 3 million votes for president, he's in office. So do something about it.
    Blogs like this, and mine, and many others don't do a thing, unless it's followed up by involvement beyond the computer, tablet, phone in front of you.


  3. Silver Willow

    NO denying that getting out the vote is the most important thing as far as helping make change happen. Unfortunately, your Blogger link shows no blog for you, so…

    And if you've read here much at all, you know a few things:

    1. I'm fighting a brand new auto-immune disease that at least in part, if not entirely, was triggered by Trump. I have to be very careful to balance my political involvement with not triggering more symptoms or an advancement in symptoms, since stress is such a major 'trigger' for ulcerative colitis.

    2. My blog was never set up to be political. Frankly, I honestly do try to minimize it here, but occasionally I just need to rant a bit to release steam.

    3. my blog here is, ironically on days like this, about just grandma crap, and trying to find better ways to live a gentler life. Unfortunately, for the past 12 months, that has been nearly impossible for anyone to the left of center.

    4. I am trying to find ways to help, but that doesn't mean I'm out doing things outside of the pc. It's easy when one is younger or doesn't have a stress related, incurable illness, to say 'get out and do something beyond the p.c. Doesn't mean we all can, or that we should sacrifice our health to do so. That's the boat I'm in.

    Thanks for your comments though.


  4. Olga Hebert

    I am not a Christian, but I think most, if not all, religions promote love, kindness, and compassion. We are human and we make mistakes but the goal is out there. Still, it is difficult to extent loving kindness to Trump and his supporters even knowing how much they need compassion because they are broken souls.
    Political activism is one route to take, but there are others and all are worthwhile. We do what we can.


  5. tammy j

    60,000 people gathered in Poland over the weekend to try to convince their fellow white Christians to join in another holocaust against islam and its followers. their aim is to rid Poland and Europe of anyone not of their religion and race.
    60,000 of them chanting with signs 'a white Poland and a white Europe.'
    the world is turning into a frightening place with hatred on the march.
    it's not just in trump America. he no doubt has helped unleash it as well.
    it's becoming unthinkable really. how does anyone see that and not be alarmed?
    your post is excellent. brava! I wish the people that need to read it would!
    how are these times any different than the early growth of Nazi Germany?


  6. Jeanie

    I don't talk about this a lot but I, too, am Christian (read that as Protestant, raised Congregational and now sort of a mixed bag). But I am almost embarrassed to say it these days because one large group of very vocal people have co-opted the term for things I find totally unChristian. Often racist with a lack of tolerance, kindness, compassion, caring. Not the Jesus I know. I see shades of WWII and as Tammy mentioned, too many parallels to Nazi Germany. Your post is spot on.


  7. Silver Willow

    Someone may need compassion, but that doesn't mean they've deserved it. I'm imperfect enough to admit I can't find it in me to offer them any compassion, when they are hell-bent on destroying this country and the world.


  8. Silver Willow

    Thank you. My breed of Christianity= Methodist. Then Catholic by way of marriage conversion for a number of year, until I rejected it due to the travesty of priest's pedophilia lack of treatment. I agree; this is how Nazi'ism rose. (let alone communism.) it's just awful.


  9. Lynda

    My goodness you echo my thoughts 100% in this post. My answer is that his “followers” only watch TV while promotes him. Some of my favourite TV shows at the moment are Stephen Colbert's Late Night Show – he really says it like it is and also the View. That Whoopi Goldberg is literally gold on that show. It gives me hope that these outspoken people are saying it like it is.


  10. Arkansas Patti

    I refuse to let him or any haters have power over me and my health. I will do what I can via contacting my lawmakers and in the voting booth. That is my power and if enough of us use it, it can be amazing and we can right this ship. Hopefully I can leave the Tums in the bottle this way. Good luck to us all.


  11. Anvilcloud

    An excellent post. Very well said.

    I will say two things. The first if not both may offend some.

    1. Christianity can be interpreted in just about any way by anyone. What you describe for you is the view that we all like to confess and profess, but you pretty much make anything out of it. This is probably true for every religion, but I know Christianity more than the others.

    2. I just read a blog by an Alabaman who was backtracking on Moore. But he was in a quandary because he could not imagine voting for a democrat. What the anti-dem stance pretty well came down to for this person, was abortion. IMO they are so stuck on abortion that they can't think straight. Ironically, abortion rates were coming down nicely under the last administration. If you want to deal with abortion, a darn good way is to support women in terms of education, economics and proper health care. But to repeat: they can't think straight on this issue.


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