I’m disgusted

1.  at the House of Reps approving this ridiculous tax bill that will rob from the middle class to give to the upper 1% and robs from health care too.

2.  at any male, ‘famous’ or not, politician or not, Democrat or Republican or WHATEVER, who FUCKING SEXUALLY ASSAULTS A WOMAN.  Groping, or worse.  JUST STOP IT, DAMMIT.  And stop accusing others across the political aisle when you are guilty as fuck yourself.

3.  this extends to the President of the USA;    https://www.npr.org/2016/10/13/497799354/a-list-of-donald-trumps-accusers-of-inappropriate-sexual-conduct

4.  I’m tired of doing the circle-jerk on Twitter.  It ends up just being like-minded folk agreeing, or disliking/muting/blocking those you don’t, but I sure as heck don’t want to go to a message board and fight about it either.  Leading to

5.  it’s all so pointless.  Futile.  Out of my hands.  I can only wait for

6.  Mueller’s findings and his actions.  And if not, well, I guess I just have to learn to deal with the mess this country is in, and continue to vote every chance I get to change things.

I can’t do more than that.  I’m too medically compromised to do much more.  Because my body can’t handle the long term stress level.

Yes, doing nothing doesn’t alleviate all of the stress from this; as long as Trump is in office and dotards of the GOP congress continue to do his bidding…my stress level will always be high.

But I’m just so frustrated and disgusted.  We got an election win a week or so ago, but it’s been nothing but further degrading shit happening since.

I need to go back to stroking my puppies and reading and watching TV/football, and looking at cute baby photos online.  And just focus on our cool (old farts)  blogverse that we have going.  Do my best to ignore the rest.

ugh.  :: deep sigh ::

20 thoughts on “I’m disgusted

  1. Jean R.

    We all need to learn to pace ourselves and resist without letting it raise our blood pressure. For me, blogging helps with that. I dump it all out there and I feel better. I am really getting sick of all the groping stories coming out and I'm fearful that it's going to make it more acceptable, not less. I hope I'm being irrational in that fear. “Look everyone is doing it and no one is paying a price for it.”


  2. Silver Willow

    Right now, I'm going back into 'hide in my cave' mode, re politics. This is a learning experience, because never in my life has it been such critical mass, politics-wise, as it is now. No one has experience dealing with this kind of daily onslaught. I can't let it become normalized, but I can't stay in heightened/stress mode daily, either. There seems no middle ground. It's tough.

    Really tough.


  3. tammy j

    ” Right now, I'm going back into 'hide in my cave' mode, re politics ”
    i'm right there with you. I have malignant hypertension and have recently started having angina again. it's truly a matter of life and death with me now. and I am not going to die over a bunch of stupid sods.
    I want to be informed. but there is a limit. and I truly can't take anymore. xo


  4. Janie Junebug

    That photo of the baby is perfect. This evening my son brought home fresh, warm Krispy Kreme donuts. They actually made me forget my troubles for a few minutes.



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