My three (grand) Sons

The weekend was PACKED with activity!
Friday night we went and saw Thor (LOVED IT.)
Saturday we cleaned.  That afternoon we went to middle grandson’s soccer finals; they won their game and got 3rd place.  (as you recall, they were penalized for scoring too many goals in last weekends playoff games, and victories taken from them, and told they could only play for 3rd place on Saturday.  They did.  They won.)  Here he is with his coaches, and with his team.  Great bunch of little guys!

His little brother was there, so I got to see that grandson too.

When we got home, my oldest daughter, her best friend, and my oldest grandson came to go to dinner with us and see Justice League, and spend the night.  Loved that movie too!

Yesterday was recover/football all day.

I’m pooped!

28 thoughts on “My three (grand) Sons

  1. tammy j

    he looks like a darling little Viking!
    and don't you just love group pictures of little boys? LOL!!!
    look at them! one is doing a sign over the other's head…
    all the grins … someone even has his sack lunch it looks like…
    I just love it!
    it's the best “pooped” there ever was! it's all over so quickly it seems.
    then they're six feet tall and shaving! XO♥


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