A Turquoise Christmas

Well, here we go.  If it looks like some photos are duplicates; they aren’t…it’s just as the light changed from afternoon to evening, it looked different, so I took other photos.  Bear with me.  I love my decorations.  LOL

This first picture is more for the decor on the coffee table, not so much the tree…

 Rodney Reindeer!  Who remember them?  Anyone else still have any?

The tree by daylight…

Mom gave me this beautiful, Italian nativity set.

An ornament hubby thought he’d never live to see…

I simply love her….

A new ornament this year.  Recognize him?

The tree by night (you can see the reflection of the blue outdoor lights, too)….

Love my Rhonda Reindeers, too.  Gosh, they are decades old!

52 thoughts on “A Turquoise Christmas

  1. Anonymous

    Somewhere I have a Ronda Reindeer. Guess I should pull out my crates of Christmas decorations and look for it.


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