Coming up for air!

There is a crazy Christmas season, and then there is THIS YEAR’s crazy Christmas season.  I’m going nuts!  Trying to coordinate an office move, family get-togethers, keep up on all the Trump/Russia/Obstruction of Justice news; it’s just nuts in my world!

I’m doing ok, just no breathing room to speak of.  Sorry but blogging is falling by the wayside until I get a few more things under control, but it might not be until after Christmas.  I’ll try, but…


Hope you are all doing well!

16 thoughts on “Coming up for air!

  1. Catalyst

    Blow up your TV, throw away your paper,
    Go to the country, build you a home,
    Plant a little garden, eat a lot of peaches,
    Try an find Jesus on your own.

    …John Prine


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