Known Trump-Russia-election ties; a summary

Seth Abramsonagain, breaking it all down for us:

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9 thoughts on “Known Trump-Russia-election ties; a summary

  1. Olga Hebert

    During the debates he boldly said if front of the nation and the world, “Russia . . . if you're listening (wink, wink) . . .find those e-mails . . .” I thought then and there he was colluding by his own admission.


  2. Silver Willow

    I was too flabbergasted. I thought at that moment that he WAS asking them to do it; I didn't even consider that he might already be working with them. Guess I didn't want to consider such evil. Silly naive me.


  3. Catalyst

    I was watching a CNN documentary on the Reagan presidency today and was stunned to learn that Gorbachev hired an American to run his personal marketing campaign when he was negotiating (and competing) with Ronnie.


  4. Marcia

    This is a great summary. When will the Republicans wake up and realize they made a pact with the devil?
    Just finished a great book about the Obama years called “Thanks, Obama”. by David Litt. He was a speech writer at the White House. Great look back at the successes of Obama.


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