How I pulled one over on the GOP/Trump

As you may know, I intend to retire next December.  I had learned that before that though, since I have reached my ‘full retirement age’ as far as Social Security retirement benefits go, I could start collecting, even while I’m still working full time.  I had been toying with the idea; the only reason NOT to, is because once you do, you stop growing your monthly retirement amount, and it freezes at that point, except for potential annual cost of living adjustments.

In many cases, one has to live more than 10 years more, for it not to make sense.  I plan to live more than 10 more years, so I was hesitating.

BUT, with this new damnable tax bill about to be passed, and with the fact that it will raise the deficit over 1 trillion dollars in the near future, and the rumblings already that Medicaid, Medicare, and even social security retirement might be looked at to ‘fix’ that deficit, it occurred to me that if I didn’t lock into social security retirement benefits now, I might find them raising that ‘full retirement age’ for my birth year from 66 to 70 or even older, or otherwise cut into the ‘benefit.’  (which isn’t a benefit at all, we’ve earned it by paying into it for ALL of our working lives!  But I digress.)  I will NOT work until 70!  I had to do something NOW.

Since it can take up to 3 months to start receiving the checks once you apply, I decide to bust a move and apply NOW.  Get grandfathered in, so to speak, before Congress could screw me over.  I didn’t want to be a ‘on the bubble’ regret, you know?

I got notice today that not only did my registration go through, but that I’d get my first check next month.  YAY.

Take THAT, damned GOP congress!  buwahahaha

27 thoughts on “How I pulled one over on the GOP/Trump

  1. Jean R.

    It was wise to get yourself “grandfathered in” so to speak. The way they are talking about Social Security and Medicare cuts I expect they will try to raise the age when you can start collecting, if you're not locked in.


  2. ellen abbott

    that's why we both applied when we hit retirement age. we thought about waiting but the increase for every year is a paltry amount (at least for us members of the working poor) and not really worth it.


  3. BootsandBraids

    ROFLMAO at your “buwahahaha”. I didn't know that about the freeze, but now it makes sense why the SS Office actually called me at work one day to tell me I was eligible to collect. Retiring wasn't in my mind at the time, so I opted not to. That turned out fine when I did decide to retire, but then, unlike your situation, I didn't have to worry about some big orange blob ruining my future at the time.


  4. Silver Willow

    They think they will get a riot/demonstration for firing Mueller, they have NO IDEA if they tried to kill social security entirely….! I think they'll start with raising the age to qualify.


  5. Silver Willow

    They offered to let me start collecting retroactive to my birthday this past Sept., but no, I want the little extra money each month for waiting until now. Glad it all worked out for you!


  6. Lynda

    Over here they give many years notice of the age of retirement going up so that people can prepare but hey, where you are who knows what they would do!! Everyone here in NZ is entitled to their pension payment from age 65 regardless of whether they keep working or not and it doesn't affect any further payments. Enjoy that extra money 🙂


  7. dkzody

    Hope you have signed up for Medicare when you turned 65. If not, you will pay a penalty. That happened with our son-in-law's dad. Caused a terrible mess.


  8. Anonymous

    Hope you have signed up for Medicare when you turned 65. If not, you will pay a penalty. That happened with our son-in-law's dad. Caused a terrible mess.


  9. Silver Willow

    I signed up at age 65 for the free Medicare Part A. Because my husband's medical insurance is 'primary' for me, I didn't not have to sign up for Part B, and will incur no penalty down the road. Unless, of course, the GOP changes that…

    thanks for the word of caution, though!


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