Nothing worse than not believing bureaucracy

Welp, not the results I’d hoped for at Social Security re my check.  Yes, take a number.  First, go through the most thorough purse check of my life.  Every zipper was opened and checked.  Both glass cases were opened and checked.  Yeesh.  and this is in a VERY upscale town.  Oh well.

Thirty minute wait.  Oh well.

Government employee helping me whose English was decidedly a second language.  I had my Philippines-born husband with me, but his English is perfect.  It was really hard to understand this guy, though he seemed nice enough.

In a nutshell, they couldn’t figure out what went wrong.  We confirmed several times that the bank routing number and account number they had were correct.  They showed that the payment had been made, but they couldn’t produce a letter/document as proof for that.  They couldn’t understand why not.  Push come to shove, they figured out the first guy (who I had corresponded with) had set me up wrong.  Payments come a month after the month that they are for.  So my starting in December, my first check should come (based on the date of my birthday)…the 3rd Wednesday of January.  Not only had he (tried?) to set it up for payment the same month, but the check issue date was only the date after they approved my application, and wasn’t aligned with the 3rd Wednesday of a month like it should always be.  When they first looked it up, ‘locally’, they saw a 12/19 check date.  But when they looked it up ‘nationally’, it showed a ‘not yet’.  They think the national system caught the local error and therefore didn’t pay.  Still no confirmation about the zero (potential test run?) deposit.  Basically, I have to wait until the 3rd Wed. in January, and if it doesn’t deposit then, come back again.

Urfph.  I wanted closure.  I wanted definitive.  I got neither.  Typical bureaucracy.  And he went twice to superiors or ‘technical expert”s to run the situation by them.  i.e., he was flummoxed too.  Twice.

So my confidence level?  Nil.  But bottom line, nothing I can do for now except accept this, and wait until January 17th and see what happens then.  Oh well.

Have a wonderful, happy New Year!  We are going out to a really nice dinner, but have no plans beyond that.  Will come home, I suppose, watch TV, and watch Mariah Carey butcher another New year’s Eve TV appearance.  LOL

22 thoughts on “Nothing worse than not believing bureaucracy

  1. ellen abbott

    having had my own run-in with government bureaucracy dealing with FEMA this year, I feel your pain. but yep, you get your first check the month after your birthday month. husband's birthday is in Dec and he will get his first check on the same date you are supposed to.


  2. Silver Willow

    Actually, since I’m past my full retirement age, I got to choose when to start getting benefits, so I chose December. The day of your birthday determines which Wednesday of the months your check comes. Since my birthday is September 16th, my checks will always come the 3rf Wednesday of the month.


  3. Chris Elliot

    Being north of the 48th parallel my cheque comes a couple of days before the end of the month, but this year it came before Christmas, very thoughtful of the guy in charge, I thought! I had it spent before Christmas which I think was the idea.


  4. Anvilcloud

    That's a long process to end with more waiting.

    I made butter chicken for dinner and then went to bed early after watching a Harry Potter movie. Perfect.


  5. Catalyst

    We watched Anderson and Andy bumble around through the excitement for a few minutes, then the ball dropped and when Sinatra started singing I turned the t.v. off and went to sleep. So much for our New Year's Eve. Oh, we did have scallops and asparagus with Hollandaise sauce and watched a (forgettable) movie.


  6. Arkansas Patti

    I thought you were getting your check awfully quick. Think the first guy was trying too hard. Lets hope January brings the wayward check home.
    I didn't stay up to see 2018 arrive but greeted it this morning. Have a feeling it will be better.


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