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How I pulled one over on the GOP/Trump

As you may know, I intend to retire next December.  I had learned that before that though, since I have reached my ‘full retirement age’ as far as Social Security retirement benefits go, I could start collecting, even while I’m still working full time.  I had been toying with the idea; the only reason NOT to, is because once you do, you stop growing your monthly retirement amount, and it freezes at that point, except for potential annual cost of living adjustments.

In many cases, one has to live more than 10 years more, for it not to make sense.  I plan to live more than 10 more years, so I was hesitating.

BUT, with this new damnable tax bill about to be passed, and with the fact that it will raise the deficit over 1 trillion dollars in the near future, and the rumblings already that Medicaid, Medicare, and even social security retirement might be looked at to ‘fix’ that deficit, it occurred to me that if I didn’t lock into social security retirement benefits now, I might find them raising that ‘full retirement age’ for my birth year from 66 to 70 or even older, or otherwise cut into the ‘benefit.’  (which isn’t a benefit at all, we’ve earned it by paying into it for ALL of our working lives!  But I digress.)  I will NOT work until 70!  I had to do something NOW.

Since it can take up to 3 months to start receiving the checks once you apply, I decide to bust a move and apply NOW.  Get grandfathered in, so to speak, before Congress could screw me over.  I didn’t want to be a ‘on the bubble’ regret, you know?

I got notice today that not only did my registration go through, but that I’d get my first check next month.  YAY.

Take THAT, damned GOP congress!  buwahahaha

I am back

Had the family Xmas celebration today/tonight.

It ended horribly.

Got into a huge fight with my oldest daughter’s husband.  He started vilifying Mueller.  I asked him, nicely, to please stop.  That the discussion would turn ugly if he didn’t.  He persisted.  He said Mueller was crooked as hell.  To quote him, ‘Mueller is as crooked as they come.’

I went off on him, and basically told him to get out.  Very loudly, very ugly.  Yes, I snapped.  They all left.

I’m sorry, but I will not sell my soul to keep my family together.  I truly feel that it’s come to that.

This has been a year coming, and I’m sorry if fell apart at Christmas, but I asked him to stop his shit talk, and he wouldn’t.  In fact, it just made him basically double down on it.  It falls on him.

Still, it sickens me that it’s come to this.  This is what Trump does.  He divides us.  It’s his goal, and at least at this, he is winning.  For now.

But dammit, I’m tired of just listening.  Of not sticking up for what I KNOW is right, and what I KNOW is wrong.  I will not normalize this hideous turn in our history.  These next two weeks are going to be …. awful.  Our country is at a cross-roads.  I will not sell my soul for Trump.  Not for anyone.  Not even family.  This is a moral issue for me.

/end of angst for today.

Is a Christmas ‘massacre’ coming? Sure looks like it.

SilverwillowTweet text


Known Trump-Russia-election ties; a summary

Seth Abramsonagain, breaking it all down for us:

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New conversation

I’m okay!

Just, still, SUPER busy.  But I see the light at the end of this busy tunnel; that being after this Sunday, things should calm down.  (I know that’s a week before Xmas, but my family is having to celebrate on Sunday.)

Yes, I’m thrilled with Alabama’s results.  Definitely a step in the right direction, but we must be ever vigilant in the days ahead.  We have a long way to go to right this awful ship.  🙂

Take care, and if it applies, Happy Hanukkah!  I’ll be back to wish Merry Christmas before the time comes!

Thanks for your patience!

Coming up for air!

There is a crazy Christmas season, and then there is THIS YEAR’s crazy Christmas season.  I’m going nuts!  Trying to coordinate an office move, family get-togethers, keep up on all the Trump/Russia/Obstruction of Justice news; it’s just nuts in my world!

I’m doing ok, just no breathing room to speak of.  Sorry but blogging is falling by the wayside until I get a few more things under control, but it might not be until after Christmas.  I’ll try, but…


Hope you are all doing well!

Fabulous, albeit short, vacation

We had a GREAT time in Vegas!

First vacation in almost 2 years where health issues didn’t ruin it.

Just too short, though.

I’ll try and catch up with you guys in the next couple of days, but I have a day of nothing but meetings today at work, Thursday I have to go to the courthouse for jury duty, (all day) and if I’m not put on a trial, Friday pack my stuff up at work because my department is moving over the weekend.  No downtime at all through the working hours!  If I get put on a trial, I’ll have to do the packing after work Thursday.  ugh.

So, I’ll do my best.

Hope all is well with you guys!