Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year, everyone!

We went out for a spectacular dinner that yielded us leftovers for 2 nights, we came home, watched another episode of Doc Martin and Jeopardy, than laughed our way through the last few minutes of 2017 as Mariah Carey butchered her appearance, yet again, on Dick Clark’s New years eve tv show, kissed multiple times as the ball dropped, then cuddled our dogs for 25 minutes as they got over the multiple firecrackers that stupid neighbors set off at midnight, before rolling into bed about 12:30.

There will be cinnamon rolls, crispy bacon, and champagne for breakfast.

Any traditional ‘lose weight’ new year’s resolutions always start 1/2.  LOL

Hope your 2018 far exceeds all expectations!  Love you all!

22 thoughts on “Happy New Year!!!

  1. Janie Junebug

    Love to you. The fireworks started at about 7 p.m. here. Penelope shivered and shook. We watched Dunkirk. I turned up the volume so she'd think the fireworks were part of the movie. It helped her calm down.



  2. Silver Willow

    It pretty much was! We've decided we are going to do the Rose Parade next year. It will be the first time for him, 2nd for me, but first time letting a bus tour do it for us (and provide grandstand seats.) Very excited!


  3. Margaret-whiteangel

    Happy New Year to you.
    Love Doc Martin it's often repeated on TV down here as well at Netflix.
    Mariah – well I did see where she was paid a staggering amount of money for about 10 minutes – pity she can't deliver anymore.


  4. ellen abbott

    one of my neighbors on the next street always does a big display which sends the dog into a panic. I feel bad for the dog but I love fireworks. mimosas and blueberry pancakes for our breakfast New Years Day.


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