Dear , The President of the United States of America just turned the threat of *Nuclear War* into a dick-measuring contest.
Are you ready to have the “mental fitness” discussion, or should we wait until after the nukes are airborne? Sincerely, Terrified Americans
J. Dice  🎲added,

EDITED TO ADD an excellent commentary, that I believe is spot on (ABOUT Bannon’s attack on Trump today):


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22 thoughts on “unhinged

  1. Jeanie

    Don't even start me. But Lois is right — Pence is far more evil. Trump might get us into war. Pence will change our whole way of life. Both scare the heck out of me.


  2. Jean R.

    I want that man gone from the Oval Office. When is the supposed complete medical exam he promised he'd get in January after he had the slurred words episode?


  3. ellen abbott

    Pence is dirty too. I think what Mueller has will take down Pence with the rest of them. I hope anyway. I responded to Trump's tweet telling him to just send a dick pic already and stop trying to get us all killed.


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