finally starting to feel a bit better!

Since yesterday afternoon, I started to finally get some energy back.  I’m staying home today too, but will go back to work tomorrow.  Fortunately, Friday is a half day and Monday is the Martin Luther King holiday.

this was nasty, whatever it was.  Glad to feel like the worst of it’s behind me, but I know my immunity and strength is low, and will be for a while, so I know I have to be mindful of that getting back to normal life.

thanks so much for all your kind thoughts, well wishes, and prayers from my last post.  You guys are so awesome!

14 thoughts on “finally starting to feel a bit better!

  1. Kathy Prickett

    I was sick for a week and a half with something, I was told it wasn't the flu but it was bad. Started out with a bad sore throat for over 24 hours, went to the head with sneezing, watery eyes, head congestion, a little chest congestion and coughing with a low grade fever thrown in the mix for a few days. My teeth hurt for over a week with all the head congestion I had. I had a flu shot too in October here at work. For the most part I am a whole lot better but still suffering some remnants of it. I haven't been this sick in I don't know when. Totally sucked! I don't wish this on anyone.


  2. Granny Annie

    I have been staying home and avoiding crowds because so many people around here are sick. I think they said on 10% of the flu shots helped this year. I have been absent but am glad to know you are better.


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