Racism, as I see it, in a nutshell

No racist thinks they are racist.  Actually, they don’t believe racism exists.  They believe they are superior, and they don’t think that there is anything wrong with that.  They don’t believe in everyone being equal.  They think this is liberal snowflake nonsense.

Although the Liberal ‘snowflake’ thing is new terminology, racists have ALWAYS felt this way.  We cannot change racist’s minds on the subject.  That’s been Liberal’s problem; trying to change thinking.  Can’t do it.  We need to stop wasting time trying to change adult minds that are set in stone, and instead, focus our energy and efforts in getting out the vote, and doing our best to outvote them.

Period.  Anything else is a waste of time and loss of focus.

And yes, I feel better, but I tire easily.  So I’m taking it pretty easy.

P.S. oddly enough, it appears that my December SS retirement first check was deposited 1/2.  I hadn’t even noticed with my flu/virus.  So that’s the good news!

This next week I’ll be back to visiting your blogs.  I miss you guys!

22 thoughts on “Racism, as I see it, in a nutshell

  1. BootsandBraids

    Unfortunately, not all racists — people who would be shocked to learn they’re viewed as racists, can be voted out. I’ve run into way too many in the workplace. And you’re right about their feeling superior. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had someone in the workplace tell me I’m “cheeky” or “don’t know my place” because I was behaving and speaking professionally. They felt I should present myself as less intelligent, less knowledgeable, less than them in every way, including how I dressed. It’s a sad commentary on life. With my belief in reincarnation, I can only hope they come back Black and get to experience the receiving end for themselves. LOL.


  2. Toni

    Well said. It's scary though that racism was so evident prior to the election and it didn't matter to so many. Of course, everything else that was more than evident, (glaring) and it didn't seem to matter.


  3. ellen abbott

    you're right about that. racists will never change. they 'know' they are superior. what I don't get is that then they demand that those they consider inferior should have less rights. why isn't it enough for them to just feel superior?


  4. Jeanie

    Glad to hear your SS check was deposited. All on target now, I hope. And you are spot on about the racism thing. It's just so discouraging.


  5. Jean R.

    I keep thinking how do people with young children explain why it's OKay for the president to act the way he does while trying to teach good values to them.


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