to switch, or not to switch

I’m trying to be patient with Blogger, but they aren’t making it easy…

I’ve used both (and low end, free wordpress) and, (the must-have a host, a little more difficult to learn, but completely customizable version)….

I don’t like that with (at least)…the blogroll doesn’t sort by newest posts on top.  So you have to virtually check each one to keep up.  But I guess I could go back Feedly….  I dunno.

Thoughts?  Experiences with pros and cons?

18 thoughts on “to switch, or not to switch

  1. Margaret (Peggy or Peg too)

    I HATE wordpress. Never used feedly except for lists. While blogger has it's issues I still find it the best one for me. Even taking a long time this week, it has been fixed and so I hang in there. I have thought of making my own domain. Maybe you can make your own website to blog and therefore having total control.


  2. Toni

    WordPress gave me nightmares. Ditched it after a short time. Loved Blogger until the last couple of weeks but I'm learning patience and keeping an emery board near by to file my nails while waiting for my comments tick-tock-tick-tock to post!


  3. Lynda

    I have never had an issue with Blogger. I've been on it now for years and years! I have many different blogs but only one public blog (I have kids ones, travel etc). I love that they are all under one account so easily accessible and easy to manage.


  4. Jeanie

    I hate wordpress. I'm perfectly willing to wait ten or fifteen seconds for a comment to be posted and go on to the next versus go to wordpress. And the slowdown is happening on .coms too, I've noticed. And when I post on WP blogs as well.


  5. Anonymous

    I've used WordPress for over 10 years and love it. I hate Blogger, maybe because it's owned by Google and it always wants me to sign in with Google. Blogger hates WordPress so I hold that against it, too.


  6. Jean R.

    I'm not switching. It's a FREE service so it's a little hard for me to get upset that they don't fix the glitch in the time frame I'd like them to do it in. This past week I think they were working on it because for about a half day it was back to normal, then the slowness as back.


  7. BootsandBraids

    I began blogging in 1998 when Yahoo had little communities. When they moved into more a business site, Yahoo moved me to WordPress. It was okay, nothing special, but in 2015 I lost everything I'd ever posted from 1998 to when I followed some maintenance instructions WordPress sent me. That's when I started all over again here, on blogger. So far so good. I'd only go back to WordPress if I had to.


  8. Margaret-whiteangel

    I have WordPress but wouldn't move my blog to there as it's not so user friendly in many ways as Blogger – the glitch we are having at the moment will pass in time I'm sure.I open my Blogger page twice, fill in the comment on one and whilst I'm waiting for it to post I then go to the other open one and fill the comment in in that one, then go back to first one and it posted! Sounds complicated but it's easy.For those post that I wish to comment on on other peoples blogs I open all of them then read them, post comment go to the next one comment and keep doing that – then go back to first one and my comment is there…..


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