I think it’s finally happened

I think I have completely burned out on following politics.  COMPLETELY.

(p.s.  I loved that ‘burned out’ photo above.  LOL)

I am so fed up with the Dems in congress knuckling under to the GOP.  And do not even get me started on the GOP or Trump.

I’m tired of letting myself get all riled up by all of this all.  I’m 66, and I just want to leave all the angst and fighting to younger generations.  I just am tired of getting all worked up and yet just not having the gumption to do anything about it.

I’ve been off and on, several times over the past year, on Twitter, on news sites, etc.  I run hot and cold with my desire to be involved. 


I’m cutting myself off from those daily, non-stop sources of incoming news/commentaries/crap.  If I’m really serious about improving my health, that includes mental health, and frankly with high blood pressure, mental health is totally intertwined with my physical health.

So I’m making the biggest effort I’ve attempted yet to just BAIL on the politics.  I know that’s a cop out, but it’s what I have to do.

On the plus side, that leaves me more time to visit your blogs more regularly.  I like the thought of that.  A lot.  🙂

34 thoughts on “I think it’s finally happened

  1. Silver Willow

    This goes beyond pacing, for me. But yes, you are right about that. I want my life back. I lost it over almost 2 years ago over all this, and enough for this old lady. 😉


  2. Catalyst

    The BRD's Beau Jack is a conservative Republican. Recently he spent a few days with one of his sons and he doesn't pay any attention to politics so while there Jack didn't either. He found after a few days without Fox News he was feeling much better, his mood was better and he was more pleasant to be around. When he came home he continued the regimen for a couple of weeks before slipping back into it and his sometimes (otherwise) unexplained foul moods. Someone will write a treatise on this some day.


  3. Jimmy

    I think you have a great idea myself, it is so easy to get ourselves worked up over things that we can't really change, and the only thing that changes is our health and well being. Take a break, take care of yourself, and enjoy the positive things and people around you.


  4. Silver Willow

    Not only a treatise; I suspect this political time in history will become the subject for psychological studies, sociological studies, and historical books. It's such a hot mess!And he's got the ruling EVERYTHING now. Imagine being a Democrat, with no control over any of the vomitus being ejected daily…


  5. Silver Willow

    thanks, Jimmy. That is exactly my plan; to get back to living my life the way I did before Donald Trump went into politics. (call me Pollyanna or a ostrich; I've been called worse.) 🙂


  6. Margaret-whiteangel

    I'm pleased we don't hear all the tit bits about Donald down here, we just here a little every now and then.More to do in life and worry or be too concerned as to what 'that man' does or says 🙂


  7. Jeanie

    I've cut back on news. I still am strongly opposed to so much but right now the best I can do is write my representatives and senators and vote.


  8. Blondie's Journal

    I really love the comic commentaries by the late night talk show hosts, especially, Seth Myers. I can have a good belly laugh. Sometimes we have to let go, or we are dragged. A break is good. I try to stay a little flexible and keep it in small doses.Good for you!Jane


  9. Silver Willow

    thanks, Jane. I feel really good this time about breaking away. I don't watch the late night talk shows; I suppose I could tape them but I already tape so much. Glad it works for you, though!


  10. Anvilcloud

    It's probably a good idea for you but also part of the Trump plan, or at least if not a plan, a result of so much going on that we get immune (which is probably also the wrong word).


  11. Silver Willow

    🙂 I never talked politics, at ALL, until about July 2016. EVER. But Trump is like no one before him. The GOP went from hating him to supporting him irregardless of what he said or did. It became surreal. I felt I had no choice but to speak up. But the daily onslaught has been too much for me. At my age, with my conditions. I KNOW it's why I got ulcerative colitis at such an advanced age. And I had high blood pressure before Trump; he of course has only made it worse. I have to walk away; I tried simply stepping back periodically; it wasn't enough and I didn't do it adequately. I'm leaving the fight to others, for my own self-preservation. I am not regretting it; I'm regretting, if anything, not doing it sooner.


  12. Arkansas Patti

    You were so strong to have lasted this long tilting at windmills. I gave up a while back when I realized it was affecting my sleep and my health. I refuse to give them/him that much power. I will keep my power in the voting both active and will let Steven Colbert rant for me while also making me laugh. Ahhhhh. Join the club.


  13. ellen abbott

    I hear ya! it happened to me too. I'll be 68 this year and never had high blood pressure til last year when I started obsessing on the future of this country. if there was good that came out of my house being flooded it was taking my attention off politics.


  14. Silver Willow

    Sorry about the flooding! I hope your insurance company is good to you. Hope you can back off from politics a bit too, once the crisis with the flood is over…for your own health!


  15. Toni

    I'm with you! It seems that so many of us have spent the last year swimming against the current of a dirty river! Time to get to shore, rinse of some of the garbage and hitch a ride to Peace of Mind.


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