Oscar-nominated films; a question

Hubby and I like to try and see some of the more heavily nominated films prior to the Oscars show.  This year (this weekend) we plan to see The Shape of Water.  We might also see that 3 Billboards over Ebbing, Missouri.  We already saw Lady Bird.  You know, films we would normally never see, but when they are heavy, big-time Oscar favorites, we like to see why.

Do you ever do that, or do you not care in the least?

27 thoughts on “Oscar-nominated films; a question

  1. Linda deV

    I see a ton of films but there are definitely some I will not see no matter how heavily nominated. I don't like fear for the sake of fear. But there are some that I wait and will see reluctantly because of the nominations. Loved Shape of Water and Three Billboards but Lady Bird and Phantom Thread were not big favorites.


  2. Jean R.

    The Shape of Water looks like a movie I would absolutely hate. I did see The Post and just wrote a review about on my blog. LOVED it! Lady Bird sure is getting a ton of good reviews. But I'm not sure I trust the Oscars this year because they've changed the voting process so radically since year, so I'm taking a wait-and-see approach to seeing the top nominated films.


  3. Jimmy

    We are not in the position to get out and see the shows as we would like to (Full time care for Cindy's Dad) otherwise we would. The Shape of Water looks like a good one, and Get Out is one Cindy would like to see also.


  4. Catalyst

    We haven't been in a theatre in years but we used to do what you describe. I recall one staycation where we just went to movies, some days as many as 3 in a day. 'Course they were a lot less expensive then.,


  5. Blondie's Journal

    I don't know if I trust reviews or the Oscar nominations. La La Land received so much flutter last year, then a lot of people said it was incredibly boring. Still haven't seen it. Saw the reviews for Lady Bird in The New Yorker today, and it sounds very interesting. The Shape Of Water is described as multi layered. I wonder if that means it skips around a bunch.Please let us hear from you!Jane


  6. Lynda

    I will try to see some of them – it's the only time I really get interested in watching new movies. I don't always believe the hype though as some of the previous nominated movies I've seen have been awful (in my opinion). La La Land comes to mind for sure, I couldn't get past a few scenes in that one. I do love a good movie though 🙂


  7. Granny Annie

    I am so out of touch, I haven't even heard of most of these. I always watch the Red Carpet though to see my God-Daughter who works for the Academy and always gets to walk:-)


  8. Jeanie

    I love seeing the Oscar movies, so long as they are ones I think I would enjoy anyway. I'm looking forward to Darkest Hour, Phantom Thread, The Post and Shape of Water.


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