I slept right through it!

Apparently we had a 4.0 earthquake about 15 minutes east of us at 2 am this last night.  I slept right through it; my potty breaks were at 12:30 and 3:00.  I did dream quite vividly though, so there was that.  LOL

Hubby was kind enough not to wake me, he said he thought he might be dreaming, so didn’t bother to disturb me sleeping.  Sweetheart.  It was felt all the way into Mexico and north above L.A., so definitely worth feeling at our place.

Oh well.  I’ll catch the next one.  LOL

28 thoughts on “I slept right through it!

  1. Silver Willow

    yup. I'm very fortunate that despite living here for 66 years, never had anything break. My ex-in laws did during the Downey/Whittier one, though. And one of my aunts/uncles/cousin sets lived in Northridge for the original (1960's version) BIG one; their pool was sloshing water everywhere.


  2. Toni

    Glad you slept through it. Nothing like a little adrenaline to keep you awake the rest of the night! Up here in northern California a 4.0 is pretty much a fun little shake.


  3. Silver Willow

    I find that if I'm outside, I don't feel it nearly as much as when I'm inside. For that huge 60's quake, I was still in bed, and I remember holding on like I would if I was laying on a surfboard. Otherwise I would've been kicked out of the bed. It was that strong. And we were a full hour drive away from that epicenter!


  4. Silver Willow

    I've lived my whole life in earthquake headquarters. I've felt MANY. We'll see if we get out of here alive and move to AZ before The Big One hits, and suddenly our inland AZ property becomes beachfront. LOL


  5. Jimmy

    I think we have slept through more than we have actually noticed, it is amazing how many go unnoticed. I think this one was far enough away for us to have felt it anyways, saw it on the news this morning. That picture is great, are you going to need any help with the chair? LOL


  6. tammy j

    LOL.I've slept through them too. we were having them many times a day in the past few years. most were always under 5 though. a few were 4.8 or whatever.they were usually small but getting larger on the scale all the time. it was the frequency of them that finally got the attention on a grand scale.then the state stopped the big OIL from fracking all over it and low and behold!the earthquakes have stopped. at least from a noticeable standpoint. saw 'The Post' tonight with Streep and Hanks and thought it was wonderful.we have learned nothing of course re senseless political wars. the 'war on terror' is 17 years now and counting. so many lives lost for literally nothing.but our press is still free. made me want to learn more about Martha Graham.


  7. Lynda

    I am originally from a really earthquake prone city (Wellington, New Zealand) but now live in Auckland. We don't get earthquakes in Auckland but we do get them at our holiday home though and felt one the other night… really weird when I've lived away from earthquakes now for over 16 years. I hate them… always have and always will! It's the unknown… will this be a big one!!


  8. Silver Willow

    I rarely worry about that; like I said in an earlier comment, I tend to look at it like a game; how big is it/will it be? Where might it be located. Then find out (faster than ever…no more waiting 30 minutes to find out) how close I am in my guessing.


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