The Shape of Water

We went and saw The Shape of Water last night.  I LOVED IT.  Much better than Lady Bird (although I did like that one, too.)  This was a nice homage to old classic films, in a sense to Beauty and the Beast, with even a nod to old-time monster movies.  (but in the best way possible.)  Sally Hawkins in the lead role was spectacular!  I highly recommend it!

We also went to dinner, and I had a bun free burger with guac, and a few onion rings instead of french fries.

After the movie, I suggested we go to Baskin Robbins for HIM to get some ice cream.  He didn’t want to put me in a tempting situation, but I assured him I was completely fine sitting there and talking with him while he ate it, and I WAS.  I had absolutely no desire for any, not even a warm brownie that you can also get without ice cream if you want it that way….and in fact, I silently felt a little proud of myself over the whole thing.  No desire for any sugar whatsoever!  I LOVE being back in the groove of healthy eating.  It’s very good not only for the body, but for the ego/psyche as well!  Instead of feeling guilty, feeling proud of how you are respecting your body!  🙂

I’m even making more of an effort to curl my hair better, and wear lipstick with the rest of my make-up; both of which I hadn’t done in a couple of years (i.e., on retrospect, stopped when I stopped eating healthy.)  It’s amazing how when you start to feel a little better about yourself, it spills into other aspects of your life!

33 thoughts on “The Shape of Water

  1. Jean R.

    I'm glad you are on a diet “high.” Be careful, though. I kicked sugar earlier this month and felt the same way…got cocky then I back tracked and am now in the process of kicking it all over again. Your review of The Color of Water confirms that I have no desire to see it. I'm just not a Beauty and the Beast or monster movies fan. Glad you loved it, though.


  2. Silver Willow

    Oh, I know, re the sugar. About 5 years ago I lost 70 lbs. and kept it off almost 3 years, but I never fully gave up sugar (meaning, I had a tiny bit of sugar 5 out of 7 days a week.)…and I think that ultimately was my downfall. A full 9 days, now entering 10, of zero sugar, and there is zero cravings. Last time, because I never fully gave it up, stress still caused cravings. I'm not saying never again. But I'm SO focused on getting healthy, that I think until I'm within 10 lbs. of goal weight, there will be no sugar. Because I know that re-sets the cravings calendar back to Day O. I'd rather stay away from that.


  3. ellen abbott

    I stopped drinking soda back in my early 20s but still had a sweet tooth until I went through menopause. two things were the result, lost my sweet tooth (except for pie, I love pie) and my internal temperature flipped. I'm no longer as cold natured as I used to be.


  4. Silver Willow

    Oddly enough, I hated chocolate prior to menopause! Literally, I would pick the chips out of chocolate chip cookies. Only chocolate I would eat was the occasional brownie. During/after menopause I became a chocoholic. Isn't it odd how individual we each are?


  5. DJan

    I loved the movie, but I have friends who hated it. Be careful of things like that ranch dressing; they sneak sugar into things like that! 🙂


  6. Sharon Qualls

    Glad to hear that works for you! I tried the 'nothing white' diet. It works pretty good, until there is a wedding cake in the house. (My total downfall besides chocolate) 😉


  7. Silver Willow

    oh, I know. Something like that….I'm not going to be that picky. Especially since I only rarely have it and we are talking less than 2 spoonfuls even then. But thanks for the warning!


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