weekend review

Saturday, we went to my middle grandson’s basketball game, they came from behind to win, so it was fun to watch.  But frankly, I can’t wait for Little League (baseball) season to start.  Much fun, especially the youngest who will still be in T-Ball.  SO much fun!

We went to Panera Bread beforehand for lunch; I had their great half chicken Caesar salad, with a half baguette.

Watched the Super Bowl yesterday; pleasantly surprised with the outcome.  All I had to eat was half of a Portillo’s chopped salad, and a couple of onion rings.  All I drank was decaf iced coffee and water.  Least I’ve eaten or drank for a Super Bowl EVER.  LOL

That’s all I’ve got!

Hope you had a great weekend!

22 thoughts on “weekend review

  1. tammy j

    it WAS a happy outcome! love those under dogs!and I got tickled at your comment about eating at the super bowl. :Dfirst time I haven't had anything fried probably! LOLI had a 4 fresh fruits smoothie last night for dinner and it was enough!I feel weirdly satisfied these days. isn't it grand! xoxo♥


  2. Sharon Anck

    My work group had lunch last week from Panera Bread and it was very good. That was the first I'd had their food. I had a very busy weekend myself. I went the Opera (Candide) on Saturday night and saw Hamilton Sunday night. Now I need to rest up from the weekend.


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