No mas

I gave up grains yesterday.  I didn’t lose any weight the week before, and my body is finally back to being able to handle veggies (including raw in salads), so I’m ready to give up grains.  (again.)

I had a lot of luck with this about 5 years ago; lost over 70 lbs. and kept it off over 2 years.  (I was stupid to go off of it.)  With my ulcerative colitis diagnosis last summer, it’s been a struggle to regain the ability to digest veggies, but now that I can, I don’t need the crutch of grains anymore.

I also danced yesterday; almost 30 minutes, so that’s good.

So saying ‘no thanks’ to the donuts in my department this morning was easy.  We also have a department lunch at a restaurant today; I’ve already perused the menu, and will be having the spinach-strawberry salad.  Sounds delish.  Hubby will get the zucchini bread that comes with it; I even brought a zip lock baggy for it. 

I got this!

25 thoughts on “No mas

  1. Anonymous

    Juicing kale is the ONLY way I can handle it. I know it's good for me, but to eat it as a leafy green just makes me go, “yuck.” Texture and taste are beyond me.I could never give up grains. I eat copious amounts. I wish you well.


  2. Silver Willow

    I chop my kale down very tiny, and put it in a salad in a small amount like I would part of a bell pepper or some chopped green onions.I used to think the same way about grains. I LOVE bread/grained starches. I adjusted to without pretty easily (after the first week of withdrawals), because I started feeling SO much better (mentally and physically) SO quickly, and cravings completely disappeared, (as did excess weight), so it was very easy to get passionate about it. I just let a serious of situations derail me a couple of years ago. As long as my UC allows me to eat veggies, I won't 'need' grains. But hey, to each our own! 🙂


  3. Silver Willow

    Oh, I've done it, and successfully, for almost 3 years when all was said and done. I just let a 'Perfect Storm' of stressful issues derail me. I know it can be done/I can do it, and as long as the UC doesn't prevent it, it will happen and STAY happened. 🙂 Thanks!


  4. Silver Willow

    I thought so at first, too, way back when. I read two excellent books: 1. Wheat Belly 2. The End of Overeating. They totally changed my outlook. After a 1-2 week adjustment period, I felt so much better it was a no-brainer. (until a host of shitty things happened to me all at once, about 3 years later, and I veered off course.) 😦


  5. Kathy G

    SO glad to hear that you're back to being able to eat vegetables! As part of a diet challenge I gave up grains for a short time back in the fall of 2017. Now I eat much less than I used to, and they're predominantly “whole” like brown rice and oatmeal.


  6. Olga Hebert

    Good for you to be so aware of what works for your own body. I made an appointment with a nutritionist for next week because I can't seem to figure out my ideal diet on my own.


  7. Toni

    I fill a big red bell pepper with as much spinach as I can cram in then juice it. Then I juice Kale, tomatoes, an apple, about an inch and half of ginger root and 6 or 7 carrots. I squeeze a bit of Siracha into the mixture. Yum!I had a heart attack two years ago. When they did the angiogram my doctor said he would trade his arteries for mine in a minute. My arteries were completely plaque-less. He said it was probably the ginger root. I have it in my juice and then I make ginger root and green tea all the time. No sugar. (heart attack was stress induced not due to heart disease) I was probably freaking out that someone would take my Kale from me!!!!I'm with Jeanie, love to dance, even when I'm cooking or doing dishes!


  8. tammy j

    my back pain and any pains in my joints were absolutely GONE when I was off grain.remember my long ago post on discovering Wheat Belly? it was amazing.why I ever started on them again then is a mystery.known only to me and my will power! seriously thinking of starting grain free again.


  9. ellen abbott

    oh, I'd be unhappy if I couldn't eat short grain brown rice. it smells so good when it cooks and I love it's nutty taste. I minimize bread though as it gives me gas. I read somewhere that dancing proved to be the best exercise as you get older and it helps keep your mind sharp.


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