big oops

Monday around 3:30 pm, I tripped over a co-worker’s dog.  Black dog, black carpet…..  I hyper-extended my right knee.  Never been in so much pain, short of a big ole kidney stone years ago.  Had to go the ER.  That officially turned it into a Worker’s Comp claim.  Today was an improvement, until about 5 pm, then it started hurting again (could be from being elevated for most of the day.)

Ugh.  Back to the doctor Wed. morning.  Hope I can sleep tonight.  😦

29 thoughts on “big oops

  1. Jeanie

    OH Gwen, I know exactly what happened. I've nearly gone down when Lizzie was in the path. Black is such a hard color to see. I hope you are on the path to recovery. It sounds just miserable.


  2. Margaret (Peggy or Peg too)

    I just did this as well. Fell down the steps and came down so hard on the first floor. In so much pain daily. Have shitty insurance so holding off as long as I can. I hope you are feeling better soon. We must stop this stuff, we mirror too much! Win the lottery will ya? 🙂


  3. Silver Willow

    RICE-rest, ice, compression (Ace bandage) and elevation. Now, I think it's hurting from too much elevation/not enough moving around. Will see what the doctor says. Thanks!


  4. Silver Willow

    Ha! Sorry you are suffering. Do RICE, if you aren't already; Rest, Ice (15-20 minutes at a time, several times a day), compression (Ace bandage), and elevation. Good luck.and I gotta buy a ticket to win, don't I?


  5. Silver Willow

    I do too. Damned dog in the wrong place. I'm the 3rd person to trip over her, but I'm pretty sure after this, she won't be allowed back unless the owner promises to keep her UNDER the desk.


  6. Silver Willow

    Every sit or lay too long in one position? I think that's why it got a little worse. It actually hurts less to walk than to sit with it elevated for too long. I actually am taking that as a good sign, but we'll see what the doctor says. It's still sensitive enough that I'm still using a cane for fear I might turn a corner and it just want to give out from underneath me. We'll see. Thanks!


  7. Silver Willow

    Hope mibe isn’t as bad as that! At least nothing popped! Feeling a little better. Oddly it hurts less slowly walking than laying around all day with it propped up… but yes, am take by it slowly. Thanks!


  8. tammy j

    oh man! I fell on my right knee cap going UP the concrete stairs to my apt.hate to say this… but it took a LONG time before it quit hurting whenever I walked on it. now I never even knew it happened. but then? WOW.but you are YOUNGER than I am so I hope you'll heal sooner. hugs darling bean! ♥


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